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"Loved our group and our guides; kudos RMI! You rock!"
—Dave C.

"RMI's greatest asset is its guides. I literally trust these guys with my life and I always come home feeling as if I have learned more about climbing and myself and made good friends. "
—Rich D.

"Guides, employees, all great. I would definitely recommend the RMI experience to others."
—Gerald B.

"RMI was hands down the safest and smartest team on the mountain. The care and passion for the team and environment surpasses any other experience I've had through a guided trip."
—David K.

"I am very happy to tell you that from the time I checked in just prior to my orientation to my teams closing ceremony, I experienced nothing but first rate service, I have used the services of many other guides and outfitters in the past, and RMI has set a new standard for excellence. I am already looking forward to the next opportunity to climb with you."
—Porter D.

"Thank you for changing my life, making me a stronger person, and allowing me to realize my true potential. "
—Rachel C.

"The simple fact is there are any number of guide services that can get you to the top of Mount Rainier. But if you really want to have the experience of a lifetime, then choose RMI. Their entire staff, from support to guides, were nothing less than outstanding. They were the difference between a nice trip and a super one that I won't ever forget. Thanks guys!!"
—Eric B.

"You guys are truly amazing and I had a wonderful experience with RMI!"
—Chad B.

"The RMI Guides I climbed with have been great - highly skilled, safe, personable and fun. The RMI office support is always top notch and friendly."
—Robert Y.

"I was initially driven to RMI to be safe on my attempt to summit. I assumed this would mostly entail route finding. After the trip, I realized that the equipment list, the training, and the many professional tricks of the trade contributed to success. Hiring RMI as guide was a decision I don't regret and will easily repeat for my next goal."
—Eric N.

"I was very impressed by the amazing level of customer service from the entire RMI staff. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip, and look forward to future climbs."
—Seth L.

"RMI is a world class organization. It was really fun being immersed in an environment where you can rub elbows with some of the world's most renowned climbers"
—Michael Q.

"[RMI's] itineraries are designed to give me my best shot at success on the mountain. The daily distances and vertical, with scheduled breaks, were perfect for me."
—Tim N.

"I've climbed Rainier with RMI and had a great experience. The guides are amazing, friendly and always professional. I've done trips with other guide services in a variety of activities, but no service has matched RMI."
—Jim V.

"The whole trip, international travel, sightseeing, challenging climbing, good teammates, great guide, from start to finish it was an amazing trip. "
—Rich H.

"I was impressed with the professionalism and leadership abilities of the guides. The "message" was consistent from all of the guides."
—Pete C.

"The strength of RMI are the Guides"
—Rob J.

"Superior guides all the way around. Without them I wouldn't have made the top."
—Kathleen S.

"RMI does a great job of giving the climbers the information they need to succeed. Thanks for another great experience!"
—Dan J.

"Your organization is first class in my book, from the first initial contact to the return from the summit, and I will recommend your services to anyone looking to share in a similar experience!"
—Jon H.

"We found [the guides] to be extremely professional, personable, energetic, patient and fully qualified to see that a couple of us 40+ guys returned safety to our anxious families."
—Bill E. & Dave R.

"RMI has the best guides in the business. [They] are fun, knowledgeable, enthusiastic guides. I never thought I would enjoy a trip where we didn't summit, but it was an unbelievable experience. We will definitely be back!"
—Marla H.

"I have been guided by other companies and never have experienced the professionalism demonstrated by this trio. Their attention to safety and communication of the same allowed each of us to build total confidence in them as a team. They encouraged and corrected us as necessary in a very subtle and acceptable way. Without this type of encouragement and the confidence I had developed in my guides I never would have summitted. I am an RMI client for life!!!"
—Mark W.

"RMI is a first class operation and I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone that is looking to climb with the best. RMI will certainly be my choice for all of my future climbs."
—Russell K.

"It is amazing how much RMI cares about its clients, and I appreciate it very much. Way to cheer us on."
—Christel H.

"You can't go wrong with RMI when they utilize some of the world's best climbers as their guides!"
—Kelly S.

"Your guides and staff arranged a most memorable experience due to their expertise and professional yet friendly dispositions. I look forward to climbing with RMI again."
—Will D.

"RMI is fantastic. It is a well run company and I enjoyed my experience from start to finish."
—Megan H.

"RMI has the BEST reputation, which I can now confirm from my experience."
—Pete W.

"I would definitely recommend RMI to anyone looking to climb. I was really impressed with everything and had just the best time. I think our guides were incredible and definitely felt like we were part of a time, which is exciting. Thank you SO MUCH for such an amazing experience!"
—Erika T.

"I would like to say that I was very impressed with the overall organization and the ability of our guides to adapt to every situation and to ensure the comfort and safety of the whole group."
—Maria V.

"Not sure any other organization can compete with the level of expertise and support offered at RMI."
—Thomas B.

"If you've ever dreamed of climbing a mountain, check out the folks at RMI Expeditions. They will not only take you to the greatest places on earth, but they will show you what you are truly made of ... in-spite of yourself! Great company - exceptional people!"
—Brent W.

"I can't emphasize enough how impressed I was with the guides. Not only their technical ability, but more so with their effort to make the trip as enjoyable as possible for the clients."
—Jim J.