Lindsay Mann | RMI Expeditions

I started guiding for RMI in 2009. I’ve now spent four full seasons guiding for RMI and working hard to learn from the other guides. Through this mentorship I have had the opportunity explore mountains around in the world, including in Alaska guiding on Mt. McKinley and in South America on Aconcagua. Through the mentoring and commitment to professional development and advancement opportunities, RMI has helped me achieve my goal of becoming a year round mountaineering and ski guide. RMI's Guide Grant has provided support and encouragement in my personal professional development, whether it is through an in house RMI training session, taking an AMGA course, or supporting personal climbing trips. The more time and energy I've committed to RMI and advancing my career the more commitment and opportunity I have gotten within the company. On top of these great opportunities, what keeps my enthusiasm for guiding are my co-workers. I am constantly inspired by the other RMI Guides, in their personal and professional endeavors. They are truly a group of inspirational people with a passion for the mountains and sharing their knowledge, which has been an intricate part of my success within the company.

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