Melissa Arnot | RMI Expeditions

I started guiding after climbing and teaching wilderness medicine for a few years. Some of my friends and climbing partners worked as guides and they encouraged me to approach RMI about their mentoring program, as I was relatively inexperienced on glaciers. I started with RMI in 2004 and quickly went through training and worked as an apprentice guide before taking my in-house exams to advance. RMI constantly fosters my ongoing education. I have been able to access avalanche education, helicopter interface training, and ongoing medical and rescue skills. It is a collaborative learning environment and I have had the chance to learn from other guides experiences as well as the most up to date industry education.

Guiding has been my gateway to travel for the last 8 years. I have been lucky enough to go to Ecuador, Argentina, Africa, and Asia. It is such an amazing way to see the world. I really enjoy working with clients. You get to see the world through an amazingly diverse window of others lives. You get to see people challenged in a way they normally aren't comfortable with and be an advocate of their safety. I have met some of the most interesting people working for RMI.

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