Ecuador: Team Reflects on Climb and Starts to Plan Next Adventure

Posted by: | January 28, 2011
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Our climbing team is rested and well-fed, and we’re all back in Quito enjoying some free time as I right this last dispatch for our trip. We had a great trip, jam-packed with activities during the past week. In addition to summiting 3 high peaks in 4 days, we had time to enjoy a great hacienda on the flanks of Cotopaxi, some sightseeing in Quito, as well as enjoying each others’ company. We’re already starting to plan the next climbing trip! We’ll have a celebration dinner in Quito tonight, and then we’ll head our separate directions…most of us are heading home, but two of the climbers are headed to Mendoza, Argentina tomorrow to begin a RMI expedition on Aconcagua. Be sure to check their dispatches to follow how they are doing!

Hasta la próxima montaña… RMI Guide Mike Walter

Mike Walter and climbing team on top of Cotopaxi.

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Hi Seth:

Johnny and I were close to Kotapaxi a few years ago—have fun.

Love,  Brigid

Posted by: Brigid on 1/30/2011 at 1:56 pm

What a beautiful picture.  Great job to the team.  Love to my brother, Bob.  See you soon!

Posted by: K Deeds on 1/28/2011 at 12:29 pm

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