Vinson Massif:  Team Returns from Union Glacier

Posted by: Dave Hahn | November 30, 2011
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It took all night, but finally the victorious Vinsonites evacuated the continent.  At two in the morning we all clambered into a giant open sledge being dragged by a Tucker snow machine.  Thus began a surreal hay ride across the endless Union Glacier to the blue ice runway in some of the coldest and windiest conditions of our entire trip.  We got to watch the massive Illyusion 76 scream in for a landing, but it was then still a few hours wait to get the big aircraft unloaded.  Luckily ALE had a convenient (and spartan) warming hut staged close to the aircraft.  I said my congratulations and goodbyes to the gang and watched them jet off the ice at 5:30 AM.  In particular, I made sure that Seth Waterfall and Billy Nugent knew the extent of my gratitude for their help and friendship these past weeks. Of course I was a little sorry to miss out on what I’m certain will be a fun victory dinner in South America, but my season on the Ice isn’t finished just yet.  I’ll pass a few days now at Union Glacier waiting for the next RMI Vinson climb (space on the Illyushin is limited and pricey so the best plan is for me to stay put).  ALE is hosting a marathon for about 30 runners tomorrow and I have volunteered to assist in conducting the event… It should be interesting. 

Best Regards
RMI Guide Dave Hahn

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