Mexico’s Volcanoes: Team Ready for Orizaba Climb after Rest

Posted by: Jake Beren | February 17, 2012
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Yesterday was a rest day in the colonial town of Puebla. This is a fun day for the team, one where everyone gets a chance to explore the town a get taste of this beautiful Mexican city. We reconvened at dinner to share the day’s exploits. Trips to the city’s fort, churches, shopping and general exploration were the missions recounted at dinner. Now it’s off to Tlachichuca, where we will rig for our attempt on Orizaba. The weather looks more promising today, and we all hope it holds and improves for another few days. Wish us luck amigos.

RMI Guide Jake Beren

Exploring the Colonial City of Puebla.  Photo: Jake Beren Over looking the city of Puebla.  Photo:  Jake Beren From Puebla we can see La Malinche where the team took their first acclimatization hike.  Photo: Jake Bere

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Good luck. I hope the weather cooperates this time so you can summit Orizaba.

Posted by: Bonny on 2/17/2012 at 3:51 pm

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