Everest Base Camp Trek: Mark Tucker & Team Train at Base Camp

Posted by: Mark Tucker | April 02, 2012
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Elevation: 17,575'

Mark Tucker here. Calling from Base Camp, Mt. Everest. Well, here we go again. Is a blog a blog if you never end up sending it? It’s a bit chilly up here and this puts a new twist on the word “computer freeze up.” Boy, I tell you, I was going to put Linden’s blog to shame with the one I just wrote. Well, it’s going to have to come later because computers and electronics at this altitude and temperatures sometimes are a bit of a challenge. We’re going to call this one in. We’re going to descend back down to Pheriche tomorrow where we’ll have, in the past, good connectivity so we’ll be sure to update you guys on that. Had a great day; another beautiful day up here. Got a lot done- bunch of training, worked on our gear, got ourselves in great shape for the challenge ahead of Island Peak. The team is looking sharp. The mechanics, the technical aspects that we were working on the glacier right out in front of us looked very well. We had a little snow come in towards the end of the day but we were able to get a nice hot shower midway through, so that was a nice treat. And then our famous Kumar cook treated us to some fresh cake tonight. We are doing real well. Looking forward to the next section, heading downhill and then back up to Island Peak. And we’ll be sure and do what we can to update you guys as best as possible in the near future.

RMI Guide Mark Tucker

Evening light in RMI Base Camp

RMI Guide Mark Tucker from Everest Base Camp.

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