Everest Base Camp Trek: Tucker & Team Getting Ready for Summit Attempt

Posted by: Mark Tucker | April 06, 2012
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Elevation: 16,685'

Hey Mark Tucker here checking in from Island Peak Base Camp. Well, know sooner than us signing off from the dispatch yesterday that it started to snow and pretty much continued throughout the night. Had a pretty good blanket when we woke up. You know…. was enough so that our move up to high camp was probably not the best idea. So we stuck around down here… Now I’m looking down….. So we did a little hike up towards Camp 1 just to kinda get a feel for it and the conditions so we’re all ready for that. Now we’re packing and adjusting and fidgeting with gear all day today. Resting, eating… a little bit earlier than normal because being down at Base Camp so we are going to start looking at the weather around midnight. Just finished a nice dinner and we’re going to crawl in the bag. Start resting and hopefully get a few hours of shuteye. We don’t really need to sleep for this event, we just need to rest. We’ve got a bunch of batteries stored up so we are looking good… We’ll check in with you guys progress in the near future.

RMI Guide Mark Tucker

Mark Tucker checks in from Island Peak Base Camp.

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