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Mt. Kilimanjaro: Grom and Team at High Camp Ready for Summit Bid

Hello again everyone.

After 5 days of trekking we have finally arrived at High Camp!

Today we moved up a few thousand feet and are comfortably sitting just shy of 15’000ft. Despite having made good time to camp our amazing support still managed to beat us and have camp ready once again. We are camped on the southeast side of Kilimanjaro and have a great view of the route ahead as well as the valleys below. Our route ascends up a wide ridge and should be relatively easy for this crew that has done such a great job thus far. Our plan is to wake up at midnight and have breakfast then hopefully start our summit bid around 1am. If all goes well I’m expecting us to reach the summit sometime around 8am.Everyone is in good spirits and excited about the climb.

Thanks for all the blog post! It’s wonderful to hear from everyone back home and we appreciate all the support.

Wish us luck!

RMI Guide Casey and Crew


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Comments (13)


Call when you get there!  : )

Posted by: Jordo on

Hello Bruce, Michael, Katie, Jess and Chris…. and congratulations!!!  We have been following closely knowing there is a 7 hour difference. You’re not missing anything here.  Have a safe trek down.  Cant wait to see that view from the summit.  Get a small rock from the mountain as a paperweight.  Love you all. Mom

Posted by: Joyce on

Steve and Brian

Wow!  So amazing…you two have trumped my list of adventures!  Can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about it! 

Take Care!

Posted by: Heidi on

Brian and Steve….  This is amazing!  Or simply crazy… You pick!  Hope you are well, missing both of you at work.  Brian, I don’t see Diego??  Thoughts with you both.

Posted by: Britney D on

Go Brian and Steve!!!!  Everyone back home is cheering you on!!!!

Posted by: Brian B on

This has been amazing to follow—can’t wait to hear all the details. Maybe we can do one of the WY or CO peaks together next summer! 
All our love,

Posted by: Cindy on

Hi Tim,

It has been so fun following your trip!  What an amazing journey!  I am so excited for you! Very proud too!  I can’t wait to hear your stories and see your pictures.  Be safe and enjoy the rest of your trip!  Susan

Posted by: Susan on

Good luck on getting to the summit!  Can’t wait to hear about the trip.  We love following along on your adventure.  (Mary is fine - just got an email from her).  Hope you can at least have a celebratory drink on the top!

Posted by: Amy, Steve, Megan and Murphy on

Tim, Keep up the good work.  Too bad you can’t ski down.  Claude

Posted by: Claude on

Tim, I told my PhD seminar this week about our snowball fight on Pikes Peak and how we felt afterward - compared to having your system ready for high altitude.  We are mighty proud of you! A Wyoming climbing veteran Todd Skinner says you can “see” your next challenge from your current summit.  Can’t wait to hear about yours.

Bro’ Mark

Posted by: Mark Peterson on

Tim, so excited for you!  The view up there must be absolutely amazing!  I’m keeping Mom and Dad fully informed, showing photos and blog posts.  Can’t wait to see the summit photos!!  Love, Margaret Ann

Posted by: Margaret Ann on

Congrats on your climb! Hope you are all enjoying the views. Be safe on your way back down.

Posted by: sherry on

Way to go Steve and Brian (and the rest of the team too). The pics look like you are having a great time! Rest up and then go conquer that summit! -Dave

Posted by: Dave L on

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