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Mt. McKinley: Van Deventer & Team Retrieve Cache, Ready for Carry

May 26, 2015 - 12:17 am PT Just like Johnny Cash said, "that train keeps a rollin'." The winds were down, a cloud of sparkling ice crystals hung around, reflecting the sunlight and solar baking everything, and we returned to a dead calm Windy Corner to retrieve our cash. We are one step closer now with all of our food up here with us. The next step is to take a run at the fixed lines and cache some food in the West Buttress. To prepare, we spent the afternoon practicing with our ascenders and getting prepped for that potential carry tomorrow. Mac and cheese with bacon for dinner to fuel us tomorrow. We'll hope to wake up with a green light to head up. For now, good night! RMI Guides Pete, Robby, Josh, and team

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Comments (10)

Go Renee. Am waiting with bated breath to hear you’re at the summit. I hope it’s as awesome as the views do far. I think all of the VEC are behind you babe. Good luck and much love xxxxx

Posted by: Glenda on

Rennee you are doing not only us here at the VEC, but your family and more importantly yourself proud ! Everyone is 100% right behind you all the way my friend :)
Thanks to the rest of the team for looking after our little Duvo ! Great photo’s and updates !
Onwards and upwards all :)

Posted by: Paul your GOD Webbyyyyy on

Hello there Renee and Team PRJ,
So glad to hear you retrieved your cache.  Yippee - Food for all now.
You are making headway so that’s awesome.
Think of you so much Naisy. So excited and proud when I see what you are doing   Love and miss you heaps.
Mumsy xx

Posted by: lori on

Hi Renee. Made it to LA spent the day having a look around. Now waiting for flight to Anchorage, having an IPA or two at angel city brewery. Miss you can’t wait to see you hope you can read or hear this. So proud of you not too far to go to make summit stay safe and be strong. Good luck to team. Love you xoxo Jordy.

Posted by: Jordan on

Renee and team,  With the weather that you have had you are doing great and staying determined to reach your goal. Pictures are just fantastic, can’t imagine what it would be like to see in real life. Something that will stay with you forever. All at the VEC wish you well and hope you stay safe and the weather holds out for you. Cheers

Posted by: Maureen Lococo on

Hi Renee (Naie Dog, Jeff),
Thinking of you and the team! Hope you are having the time of your lives. You are all doing fantastic. We are keeping up to date with the posts and so amazed by you all. Enjoy the rest of your time on the mountain you bobby dazzler! Go for goals!!
Lots of love, (Northy, Trev) xxx

Posted by: Sarah on

Matt I got a phone call from mom today she was so excited to let us know that she heard from you. She said that you were doing GREAT!!!!!!!!. Sounds like you and your team have accomplished a lot in the last few days.  I have been tracking your climb daily.  Be safe and drink lots of water. Love you! 
Auntie Marilyn xox    

Posted by: marilyn collura on

OMG !!! Thank you for the gentleman that let Matt use your phone I was flabbergasted at the least to hear my son Matt’s voice THANK YOU SO MUCH xox.
Matt, We are so proud of you and team Pete you guys have accomplished amazing heights, met new friends for a life time, and you sound great!!! I can’t wait to hear more stories and see you.  And you know of course I called EVERYONE in Cali and Jacksonville NC to let them know you called and are doing GREAT!! They are really excited for you and your team. EVERYONE wishes the best for you and sends love grandmas says “Is he eating well??” LOL…
Be careful, be safe the rest of your journey.
Oh BTW hello Kevin to, be safe.
Till the next up date be careful and safe!!
Love mom xo

Posted by: Terri on

Brian and friends, love how you built the snow fort walls! What a great idea! Wishing you good weather, always following blog. Mom

Posted by: Marilyn on

Brian, Kevin and Pete - I hope somebody is keeping Brian supplied with m&m’s this trip.  Drink LOTS of water, keep up the pressure breathing and keep moving up that mountain!  Best wishes, Craig Falkenhagen

Posted by: Craig Falkenhagen on

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