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Mt. McKinley: Jones and Team Battle the Buttress to Reach High Camp

Sunday, June 14, 2015 - 6:37 pm PT At last, our patience has paid off. After eight nights at 14 Camp, we finally got the weather today to move our camp up the West Buttress to our high camp at 17,200 feet. The team did great work, traveling up the fixed lines, along the Buttress proper, past Washburn's Thumb, and into camp. Upon our arrival the team was greeted by blustery winds so we immediately put all of our wall building practice to good use and hammered out a camp in short time. Now we're tucked out of the weather and cooking an early dinner to get ready for a big day tomorrow. If the weather looks good in the morning, we plan on making our summit push! The team is looking strong and everyone is excited to see the last 18 days of hard work pay off. Time for an early evening, and hopefully the next time you hear from us will be from the top of North America! RMI Guide Tyler Jones and Team

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Comments (12)

Ken your almost there. Keep safe and don’t give up. The view from up there is breath taking, enjoy. Jose

Posted by: Jose Gonzalez on

18 days of hard work….at D.G.‘s rate you guys are going to be minted!!

Best of luck in the coming days!

Posted by: Will Ivy on

Hi Ken , Sound like you are all very close to summit hope weather holds out for tomorrow ,all very proud of the team be safe all the best Bruce

Posted by: Bruce Hall on

Ken, you have trained hard and worked hard. Sounds like your dream is now just around the corner, or in this case more like just up the hill. Be safe and be proud of all that you have accomplished.

Posted by: Dennis on

Go for it, but be careful.  Can’t wait to play my new Lego Jurassic World Xbox One game with you.  The movie was great and the game is cool.

Posted by: Oz on

Ken and Team, What a beautiful view… It is awesome to see you and the others set a goal and take the steps to reach it. You are almost there. God bless and we will see you soon back at sea level!
Dave H

Posted by: Dave Holiday on

Good luck team! Thinking about you guys and I hope you all have a safe and awesome climb. Yea DG!!

Posted by: Jen on

Ken, Great to hear you’re at the last camp before the top.  Wishing you success on that final push to the top.  - Thanh

Posted by: Thanh on

Great progress team. Wishing you more good weather ahead. Here’s another poem for you.

Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.  - Leonardo da Vinci

Posted by: Anna Fisher on

Glad to see the post. Looks like you are settled in and ready for a big day tomorrow. I’ll be up early in the am to check again. Good luck, be careful, love you, Mom

Posted by: Caroline on

So happy to hear you’re at high camp and that your team is still strong. Will keep you in prayer tomorrow for great leadership, clear skies, no frostbite, and good choices by all for safe travel!

Happy trails to the top of North America!  Love Mom and Dad Dreher

Posted by: Mom & Dad Dreher on

Good luck on your summit push!

Posted by: Larry Seaton on

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