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Torres del Paine: Elias & Team Enoying the Amazing Sights and Colors of Patagonia

Our second day at Glacier Grey Camp afforded us an opportunity to get up close and personal with the bottom tip of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, a massive expanse of glacial ice spanning 270 km. A gleeful 20-minute ride in a speedboat across Lago Grey deposited us at the foot of the moraine, where we set out on our approach across smooth, rocky ledges with their painterly striated patterns, fossil imprints, and telling scrapes and scars. After an hour of scrambling through chutes and ladders, our Skittle-colored team of alpine outerwear landed itself at the gear cache our local guide team had waiting for us at the base of the ice. We transitioned into crampon and ice axe mode, but not before receiving a quick crash course on glacier travel skills. Up the slope we went, our metal spikes crunching along the firm ice. It was hard to keep our hands off our cameras, with impressive landscapes beckoning our gaze in all directions, but walking on the irregular surface required our full attention to keep a clumsy foot from plummeting into any one of the many nooks and crannies on the icy floor beneath us. The pools of melt water were a brilliant blue color almost too fluorescent to believe that nature could produce it. A highlight of the trek was stopping to pose like alpine goddesses at the opening of a cavern where a stream of water rushed along the the icy chute. A warm meal back at our hut sent us off to bed dreaming about our next day's adventure along the classic "W" route on the front side of the Park.   Bridget Schletty

Comments (7)

Mama Munford - Just showed Grandele the posts and pics and she was amazed and proud of you! Forgot to get her to post a comment…but I would be willing to bet she would say: “AH WOO”. Looks unreal. Keep it up skittles-clad-badasses!!
xoxo B

Posted by: Blair on

I just discovered this blog! Gorgeous photos! Looking forward to your next update. High five and big hugs to Missy!!!

Posted by: Laurie on

Beautiful colors and awesome terrain. Such fun.  Oh well, back to work!

Posted by: Charlie Munford on

Those pictures are amazing, but since when are speedboats rides part of the trekking/climbing experience?  I thought everyone was supposed to be roughing it….

Anyway, keep the reports and pictures coming.  It’s great to see everyone with a smile on their face.

Posted by: Carter on

Trip looks great! Sounds like everyone is having a wonderful time. I read where Carter is taking everyone to St Barth’s afterwords, for a reward. Enjoy.

Posted by: Morgan on

Alpine goddesses indeed!! Stalwart and gorgeous! What incredible sights - the countryside also. Have fun!

Posted by: Thurston on

The past 2 days sounds incredible, and I love the ‘skittles’ outerwear! The pictures of the glacier blue water are stunning and I’m sure it’s even more amazing in person. Can’t wait to see more pictures once y’all get back. Keep up the great work and pictures! Love you mommy! Xoxo Allie

Posted by: Allie on

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