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Aconcagua: Beren & Team Getting Started in Mendoza

Greetings from Mendoza!  The entire team has arrived with all bags accounted for and after a siesta, team meeting and feast we are ready to head out tomorrow. When we get up we’ll hopefully have a busy day, securing permits and driving to Penitentes to load up our gear for the Mulas and enjoy one last restaurant meal before hitting the trail. Wish us luck for our last bit of off-mountain logistics. It feels great to be one step closer to getting on the hill.

RMI Guide Jake Beren

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Godspeed to each of you! Know that this journey will change each of you in a deep way. It’s my dream to follow your footsteps within a few years. Can’t wait to hear from you as your adventure unfolds!

Posted by: Ken Hislop on 12/20/2012 at 5:56 am

Aconcagua: Beren & Team Relax and Ping Pong in Los Penitentes

Hola from a stone’s throw from the Chilean border!  Our team is currently relaxing at our hotel, enjoying coffees and catnaps before dinner.  Our gear is packed and weighed for the mules who will help us out by schlepping our kit all the way to Aconcagua’s Basecamp. Tomorrow we will hit the trail, tagging in after our friends with RMI Team the First (who we stopped on the road to visit on our way here). Time for one last meal without doing our own dishes and an evening in a “real” bed.
    Tomorrow we ride,
        RMI Guide Jake Beren
PS. After a fantastic meal here at the Hotel Ayelen the team discovered the hidden ping pong table. Dios mio man. Turns out the entire team is pretty darn good with a paddle. Let’s call it our first acclimatization cycle.

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Aconcagua: Beren & Team Reach Pampa de Llenas

Buenos tardes from Pampa de Llenas,

Our first camp on the way to Basecamp. After a somewhat leisurely morning at the hotel, we registered with the Federales and hit the trail. The walk was pleasant, warm but manageable with just enough of a breeze to keep the team from bursting into a fuego.

Now at camp we have reviewed tent building, a super important step for the rest of the trip, and are tending to a little relaxed maintenance. Resting in the tent we can hear only the wind and occasional braying of mules, the sounds of “civilization” soon to be no more than a memory. No more wheeled contraptions for us, just our feet and the hooves of our new friends. 

Our adventure has truly begun.

RMI Guide Jake Beren & Team

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hey bro,,,gud going,,TC

Posted by: jp n reenu on 12/22/2012 at 8:06 pm

Wishing you all an amazing and safe adventure. Dawn, we are checking in regularly and watching you in awe.  Be safe and have fun!

Posted by: Ann Swank on 12/21/2012 at 7:10 pm

Aconcagua: Beren & Team Reach Approach Camp 2

Today we left camp to the sound of our herreros singing as they packed up the mules for Casa de Piedra, today was again hot, but as the temps rose, our tailwind turned into a headwind and kept us cool.

The team did great today, handling day two of our approach and just before camp we were treated to a spectacular view of Aconcagua and Cerro Amenghino. We even saw two guanacos loping down valley as we pulled into camp!  Nice to see our objective at last and tomorrow we all look forward to making our basecamp on the mountain.

PS is it the end of the world as we know it? We feel fine.

RMI Guide Jake Beren

On The Map

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of you
Watch out for the reindeer.

Posted by: Bud on 12/24/2012 at 9:21 am

Madhu, Take care of your health and have a great time with your team.

Posted by: mommy & daddy on 12/23/2012 at 5:58 pm

Aconcagua: Beren & Team Arrive Base camp

Greetings from Basecamp!  Our team battled a bit of wind getting here, but here we are safe and sound. Our morning began with the more sensible members of the team riding mules across the Vacas River, while the rest of us “tough” (ie ridiculous) members waded across the icy stream.  Once our icy feet had boots on, we hiked up the Relinchos Valley underneath a towering view of Aconcagua. It definitely looked windy up there, with spindrift ripping off the peak. Basecamp is somewhat better and after a good session of camp building in the elements, the team is ready for some well earned R&R. Tomorrow we rest and prepare ourselves for that break in the weather.

RMI Guide Jake Beren

On The Map

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CV & TP, merry christmas and good luck (don’t look down)... our thoughts are with you the whole lavado family…

Posted by: Lavado's on 12/26/2012 at 7:26 am

Kim and Scata families wish Dawn and the entire team an exciting climb. Keep warm and happy heart! —Mom—

Posted by: Hye Kim on 12/25/2012 at 5:00 pm

Aconcagua: Beren & Team Wishing All a Merry Christmas!

Holiday greetings to all our friends around the world!  Down/up here on Aconcagua it has been a Christmas to remember. We went on an acclimatization hike towards C1, enjoyed a favorite mountain holiday tradition of quesadillas a la Leon, and generally enjoyed each other’s company. Tomorrow we will ride the (hopefully) improving trend of decreasing winds and try to carry up to Camp 1. Our time spent at BC prepares us for strength on the upper mountain and we look forward to making the most of it.

Here are a few shout outs from the team:
“Feeling great!  Love you all. MUAT baby.”
“Merry Christmas family and friends. Love from 14,000 feet.”
“Love you family!  #2, wish you were here!  Love you, #1”
“Jeanne, Love you.”
“Merry Christmas Fam!”
“Adi, having a great time. See you soon. Do your homework-love, Dad”
“Vien, all I want for X-mad is you.”
A few of us might have been napping, but rest assure we all miss our people and can’t wait to share this adventure when we return.

RMI Guide Jake Beren

On The Map

Leave a Comment For the Team (2)

#1, thanks for the shout out!  Thinking of your every day and wish I could be there.  Be safe.  Love you.  #2

Posted by: Jonny Boy on 12/27/2012 at 8:34 am

Hi Michael, I miss you and I love you! Be safe and have fun.

Posted by: Vien Vail on 12/27/2012 at 1:33 am

Aconcagua: Team Settles in to Camp 1

Buenos Tardes from Campo Uno! Today the team did a fantastic job moving from Aconcagua’s Basecamp in style and we rolled into camp under perfect conditions. Our carry served us well, providing a good acclimatization base for our move today. Tomorrow we will enjoy a little light activity, but mostly rest and celebrate Leon’s cumpleanos.

RMI Guide Jake Beren

On The Map

Leave a Comment For the Team (2)

Loving the blog and the first action photo! Josh, look for me near Camp 2—just listen for the cow bell. Until then, keep up the good work!

Posted by: Meredith Hatten on 12/28/2012 at 6:42 am

I hope you’re having fun Jared! Your sister and I sure are! Here’s hoping everything works out with “Opera!”

Posted by: Jon Dudzinski on 12/28/2012 at 6:42 am

Aconcagua: Beren & Team Rested and It Was Good

With the winds at an all time low and the sun shining strong, our rest day at Camp I is at full power. This morning while we waited for our camp side stream to return to liquid, the team collected their cache a few hundred feet below. The remaining morning and early afternoon was spent in maximum rest mode. In a few minutes we will embark on a short acclimating hike uphill to stir the oxygen tanks and activate the circulation pumps. Needless to say we are happy and enjoying the mountain air, or at least what is left at 16,400 feet.  Tomorrow we plan to carry a load to Camp II and our team is primed to do so.  Until mañana…

RMI Guide Jake Beren

Leave a Comment For the Team (2)

JARED!!! We all miss you! Keep at it, take lots of pictures and most importantly..HAVE FUN :)

Posted by: Trisha on 12/29/2012 at 9:41 am

Jared keep going. You got this. Hey Brian! Hi Trisha. Love you guys.

Posted by: Kai & Dip & Ru on 12/29/2012 at 9:18 am

Aconcagua: Beren & Team Carry to Camp 2

We are back at Camp Uno after a spectacular carry to Camp 2. The weather was quite pleasant and the team chewed up the few thousand feet with a load to prepare ourselves to move higher tomorrow. Once at Camp 2, we enjoyed the new views as the northern side of Aconcagua came into view. You sure can see a long way from 18,000 feet on a clear day! 

Wish us good luck on the weather front for the next few days, if these conditions persist we will be in great shape to keep moving higher.

RMI Guide Jake Beren

On The Map

Leave a Comment For the Team (2)

Keep going #1.  Thinking of you every day.  Enjoy the views man.

Posted by: Jon on 12/30/2012 at 4:10 pm

Stay strong Josh. we love hearing all of the updates and are saying a few prayers that the weather continues to be favorable for the ascent to the summit

Posted by: Matt and Jazmin on 12/30/2012 at 5:34 am

Aconcagua: Beren & Team Arrive to Camp 2 in Grand Style

Even the heavy packs of a full camp move could not dampen the team’s spirits as we left Aconcagua Camp 1 for our new home at Camp 2 aka “Chopper Camp” aka “Guanocos 3.”  The team arrived in the grand style to which we have become accustomed, with plenty of gas in the tank and fashionably dressed. We are now starting to feel like all our hard work is paying off, only one more camp before our summit push. Tomorrow we’ll have a rest day and then, weather permitting, initiate our launch sequence. Cross your fingers for a solid weather window for us amigos!

RMI Guide Jake Beren

On The Map

Leave a Comment For the Team (2)

Joshua, don’t forget to change your socks and brush your teeth!

Love You…....DAD

Posted by: Lee Gentine on 1/4/2013 at 5:19 am

Happy New Year to Dawn and the rest of the team!!!

Posted by: Eric S. on 12/31/2012 at 2:27 pm

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