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Mt. Rainier: June 14th Update

Posted by: Casey Grom, Eric Frank | June 14, 2013
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Elevation: 14,410'

Our Four Day Summit Climb teams led by Casey Grom and Andres Marin reached the top of Mt. Rainier early this morning. Casey reported beautiful clear skies above 7,500’, a light breeze and cold temperatures.  The team will be crossing the crater to Columbia Crest, enjoy the views and then head back to Camp Muir.

After a successful summit yesterday, Eric Frank and the Kautz Expedition team will be back at Basecamp in the early afternoon. JJ Justman and the Expeditions Skills Seminar - Emmons team will be spending the day at Basecamp training.

Mt. Rainier summit aerial view. Photo: RMI Collection

Cannot wait to hear all about it and see you pictures! Congratulations Dave & John! Must be so amazing up there. :)

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Posted by: Miina on 6/14/2013 at 12:30 pm

What a wonderful view from the top!  Great climbing!!  congrats to David and John and the rest of the group1

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Posted by: Barbara on 6/14/2013 at 11:16 am