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Difficulty Level: Four Ice Axes RMI offers programs for climbers of all abilities. Four Ice Axe Programs involve strenuous trekking and climbing on intermediate to advanced terrain with packs up to 60+ lbs. These programs often travel to elevations above 15,000' and usually require extensive glacier travel. These programs travel to remote areas and nights on the mountain are spent in tents. Browse the programs we offer and come climb with us!

Mt. Rainier

Liberty Ridge Climb

$2175 6 days Difficulty:

A legendary route in American mountaineering: a 5,000' ridge splitting Mt. Rainier's north face that is both physically and technically demanding.


Denali - West Buttress Expedition

$8500 21 days Difficulty:

The classic climbing route on Denali and it has everything the Alaska range is known for - heavily glaciated terrain, high altitudes, and beautiful views. A true mountaineering expedition and an unforgettable adventure!

Denali - West Buttress with Dave Hahn

$9900 21 days Difficulty:

If an expedition to the highest mountain in North America is on your climbing list, consider joining Dave on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Dave's next trip is June 16, 2016.

Denali - Upper West Rib Expedition

$9500 21 days Difficulty:

Ascending the aesthetic and challenging climbing route up Denali's Upper West Rib, this expedition is an exciting climb on one of Denali's classic alpine routes.


Vinson Massif

$40500 23 days Difficulty:

The highest point in Antarctica, Vinson towers above the icy interior of the continent. An expedition to its remote flanks is an unrivaled mountain adventure to a landscape rarely visited.

South America


$4800 24 days Difficulty:

Meaning Sentinal of Stone, Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the world outside the Himalaya, towering over the rest of the Andes. It is an excellent peak for climbers to build their expedition and mountaineering skills.

NW Peaks

Mt. Baker - North Ridge

$960 3 days Difficulty:

The North Ridge of Mt. Baker offers superb mountaineering and alpine ice climbing with stunning views of the Salish Sea and dense old growth forests of the North Cascades while summitting an iconic Northwest volcano.


Carstensz Pyramid - Heli

$27000 19 days Difficulty:

The highest continental summit in Australasia, the remote and challenging Carstensz Pyramid, lies tucked deep in the heart of Papua's Sudirman Mountains. Come join us on this, the most elusive of the seven summits.


Kyajo Ri Expedition

$7400 25 days Difficulty:

Moderate mixed alpine terrain and the chance to summit a 20,000' Himalayan peak: Kyajo Ri is the perfect adventure for avid climbers with experience in mixed alpine terrain. The gorgeous trek to and from Base Camp completes an incredible Himalayan experience.

South America

Artesonraju Expedition

$6800 16 days Difficulty:

Artesonraju, also known simply as Arteson, is a prominant and stunning peak in the Cordillera Blanca, outside of the city of Huaraz. The North Ridge is an exciting expedition that is both technically and physically demanding.

Alpamayo Expedition

$6500 16 days Difficulty:

Alpamayo, one of the world's most beautiful mountains, is an exciting expedition that is both technically and physically demanding.

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