Women's Climbs on Mt. Rainier

RMI's Women's Expeditions are climbs to some of our favorite climbing destinations that bring women together who share a sense of adventure and passion for the outdoors. These women's climbing trips, led by RMI’s accomplished female guides, teach the ropes of mountaineering and allow climber's to hone in their climbing skills. They create a supportive learning environment and give our climbers a chance to hear the stories and mountaineering techniques from a woman's perspective.

Our women's climbing expeditions follow the same routes and itineraries as our standard climbs. Take a look at our upcoming Women's Expeditions below and learn more about the climbs on the trip pages. Give us a call to reserve your spot on the team!

2015 RMI Women's Climbing Expeditions


Mt. Rainier Four Day Summit Climb // July 28 - 31, 2015
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