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Brent Okita, Mountain Guide, RMI Expeditions

Brent began guiding on Mt. Rainier in 1986. As a Senior Guide and Supervisor he has over 450 successful ascents of Rainier. In 1991 he reached the summit of Mt. Everest via the North Ridge (Mallory’s 1924 route). Ten years later he revisited Everest as part of the 2001 Mallory-Irvine Search Expedition.

Brent annually leads RMI guided expeditions to Mt. McKinley, where he has summited a remarkable 21 straight times in 22 expeditions. He has also guided extensively throughout the Alps of Switzerland, France and Italy, as well as Mexico, Antarctica and Alaska.

In the winter Brent spends his time at Crystal Mountain, a ski resort on the north side of Mt. Rainier, where he is the Assistant Patrol Director. Brent is a member of the Whittaker Mountaineering guide team. View Brent Okita's gear suggestions on the Whittaker Mountaineering website.

  • 470 summits of Mount Rainier, Washington
  • 24 expeditions to Mount McKinley, Alaska (23 straight summits)
  • 2 expeditions to Mt. Everest (summit in 1991)
  • 14 expeditions to the French, Swiss and Italian Alps (Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Jungfrau)
  • 2 expeditions to the Wrangell-St. Elias Range, Alaska
  • 1 expedition to Mt. Vinson, Antarctica
  • 2 expeditions to the Mexican Volcanoes
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Outdoor Emergency Care Instructor
  • Basic Life Support Instructor
  • U.S. Avalanche Level II
  • U.S. National Avalanche Phase II
  • Leave No Trace Trainer

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