Alaska Mountaineering Seminar - Expedition

$2850 11 days Difficulty:

Starting from McKinley's Base Camp, this comprehensive mountaineering seminar focuses on teaching the skills and techniques of expedition climbing, preparing climbers for a future Denali climb.

Mount McKinley Expedition

$7400 21 days Difficulty:

Denali's classic climbing route, with heavily glaciated terrain, high altitudes, beautiful views, and moderate climbing difficulty. A true mountaineering expedition and an unforgettable adventure!

Mt. Rainier

Crevasse School

$193 1 day Difficulty:

Become skilled in crevasse rescue, learning the techniques needed to travel safely in glacial terrain.

Mountaineering School

$193 1 day Difficulty:

Learn how to travel efficiently and safely in the mountains in this introduction to alpine mountaineering techniques.

Four Day Summit Climb

$1006 4 days Difficulty:

The classic climb of Mt. Rainier: after learning the foundational mountaineering skills on the mountain's lower slopes, tackle Mt. Rainier on a two day climb to the summit on the mountain's most popular route.

Five Day Summit Climb

$1358 5 days Difficulty:

After an introduction to mountaineering skills, climb to 10,000' on Mt. Rainier and spend two nights there to acclimatize and prepare before for a summit attempt of Mt. Rainier's classic route.

Expedition Skills Seminar - Muir

$1998 6 days Difficulty:

Spend your work week at 10,000' on Mt. Rainier, learning and practicing essential mountaineering skills in preparation for a summit bid and gaining important experience for future climbs.

Liberty Ridge Climb

$2099 6 days Difficulty:

A legendary route in American mountaineering: a 5,000' ridge splitting Mt. Rainier's north face that is both physically and technically demanding.

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