RMI leads programs to the greatest peaks and destinations around the world and we take advantage of the best climbing conditions for each place that we visit. In May, the climbing on Alaska's Mt. McKinley and Washington's Mt. Rainier is underway. Explore the programs we offer in May 2014 and come climb with us!


Alaska Mountaineering Seminar - Expedition

$2850 11 days Difficulty:

Starting from McKinley's Base Camp, this comprehensive mountaineering seminar focuses on teaching the skills and techniques of expedition climbing, preparing climbers for a future Denali climb.

Mount McKinley Expedition

$7400 21 days Difficulty:

Denali's classic climbing route, with heavily glaciated terrain, high altitudes, beautiful views, and moderate climbing difficulty. A true mountaineering expedition and an unforgettable adventure!

Mt. McKinley Upper West Rib

$8500 21 days Difficulty:

Ascending the aesthetic and challenging climbing route up Denali's Upper West Rib, this expedition is an exciting climb on one of McKinley's classic alpine routes.

Mt. Rainier

Crevasse School

$193 1 day Difficulty:

Become skilled in crevasse rescue, learning the techniques needed to travel safely in glacial terrain.

Mountaineering School

$193 1 day Difficulty:

Learn how to travel efficiently and safely in the mountains in this introduction to alpine mountaineering techniques.

Four Day Summit Climb

$1006 4 days Difficulty:

The classic climb of Mt. Rainier: after learning the foundational mountaineering skills on the mountain's lower slopes, tackle Mt. Rainier on a two day climb to the summit on the mountain's most popular route.

Five Day Summit Climb

$1358 5 days Difficulty:

After an introduction to mountaineering skills, climb to 10,000' on Mt. Rainier and spend two nights there to acclimatize and prepare before for a summit attempt of Mt. Rainier's classic route.

Expedition Skills Seminar - Muir

$1998 6 days Difficulty:

Spend your work week at 10,000' on Mt. Rainier, learning and practicing essential mountaineering skills in preparation for a summit bid and gaining important experience for future climbs.


Mt. Elbrus Southside

$4900 13 days Difficulty:

In a journey to the top of Russia's forgotten corners climb the rolling glaciers, overlooking the fabled Caucasus Mountains, of Europe's highest peak.

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