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Mount Rainier, the most extensively glaciated mountain in the continental United States, rises 14,410 feet above the nearby Pacific and offers limitless mountaineering possibilities. The combination of high altitude, variety of routes, and unpredictable Northwest weather make climbing Mount Rainier a true mountaineering experience.

Historically, "The Mountain" has served as a training ground for generations of American mountaineers. Countless climbers have scaled Mt. Rainier before going on to climbing careers and adventures on other peaks and adventures around the world.

With 40-plus years of guiding experience, RMI is the leading guide service on Mt. Rainier. We offer a variety of program choices for climbers of all abilities, from climbs of the mountain's classic routes, to expedition skills seminars, to specialized skills clinics. RMI's guides are here and ready to help you meet the challenge of modern mountaineering.

Seminars (May - October)

The beautiful snow-laden landscape of Mt. Rainier.

Expedition Skills Seminar - Muir

$1998 6 days Difficulty:

Spend your work week at 10,000' on Mt. Rainier, learning and practicing essential mountaineering skills in preparation for a summit bid and gaining important experience for future climbs.

Snowy Mt. Rainier rising out of the landscape.

Expedition Skills Seminar - Emmons

$2014 6 days Difficulty:

Establish a solid foundation of mountaineering skills and prepare for bigger peaks on this expedition style climb that ascends Mt. Rainier's largest glacier.

Expedition Skills Seminar - Kautz

Expedition Skills Seminar - Kautz

$2014 6 days Difficulty:

A more technical expedition style climb of Mt. Rainier, focusing on building foundational mountaineering skills and techniques and preparing climbers for future expeditions.

RMI team ascends Mt. Rainier

Expedition Skills Seminar - Paradise

$1770 6 days Difficulty:

An expedition style ascent of Mt. Rainier's Paradise Glacier, teaching foundational mountaineering skills before making a summit attempt on Rainier's classic Disappointment Cleaver Route.

Summit Climbs (May - October)

Climbing towards the summit of Mt. Rainier

Four Day Summit Climb

$1006 4 days Difficulty:

The classic climb of Mt. Rainier: after learning the foundational mountaineering skills on the mountain's lower slopes, tackle Mt. Rainier on a two day climb to the summit on the mountain's most popular route.

Climbing Mt. Rainier

Five Day Summit Climb

$1358 5 days Difficulty:

After an introduction to mountaineering skills, climb to 10,000' on Mt. Rainier and spend two nights there to acclimatize and prepare before for a summit attempt of Mt. Rainier's classic route.

Rope climbing the Emmons route on Mt. Rainier

Five Day Emmons Climb

$1702 5 days Difficulty:

An expedition style climb of Mt. Rainier by way of the Emmons Glacier, the largest glacier in the continental U.S.

A group from RMI on the Kautz route.

Five Day Kautz Climb

$1702 5 days Difficulty:

An exciting ascent of Mt. Rainier in an expedition style climb up the moderately technical Kautz Glacier.

Liberty Ridge on Mt. Rainier

Liberty Ridge Climb

$2099 6 days Difficulty:

A legendary route in American mountaineering: a 5,000' ridge splitting Mt. Rainier's north face that is both physically and technically demanding.

"RMI has the BEST reputation, which I can now confirm from my experience."
— Pete W.
"Incredible experience. From my first phone conversation to four days with our guides I never felt like RMI viewed me as a "customer," but rather an important member of a team of climbing friends. Everyone at RMI treated me with great respect and valued my desire to stand on the summit of Mt. Rainier. While standing on the summit is nothing new for our guides, as we crested the summit rim they celebrated with us as if they were rookies as well. Thanks so much for the wonderful experience. I'll be back with my son when he turns 16!"
— Michael P.
"I have been guided by other companies and never have experienced the professionalism demonstrated by this trio. Their attention to safety and communication of the same allowed each of us to build total confidence in them as a team. They encouraged and corrected us as necessary in a very subtle and acceptable way. Without this type of encouragement and the confidence I had developed in my guides I never would have summitted. I am an RMI client for life!!!"
— Mark W.

Schools (May - October)

Practicing ice axe arrest

Mountaineering School

$193 1 day Difficulty:

Learn how to travel efficiently and safely in the mountains in this introduction to alpine mountaineering techniques.

Group rescue training on Rainier

Crevasse School

$193 1 day Difficulty:

Become skilled in crevasse rescue, learning the techniques needed to travel safely in glacial terrain.

Winter Programs (January - April)

A group of RMI climbers ascend Rainier.

Expedition Skills Seminar - Winter

$1998 6 days Difficulty:

Make an attempt of Mt. Rainier, building important mountaineering skills and experience by managing the challenges of the mountain in a winter environment.

A group from RMI ski touring on Mt. Rainier.

Intro to Ski Touring

$1297 5 days Difficulty:

Introduces the foundational skills of safe backcountry skiing techniques in order to gain the knowledge and experience to venture safely beyond the ski area boundaries.

Ski touring on Mt. Rainier.

Intro to Ski Mountaineering

$1297 5 days Difficulty:

Combine your backcountry ski touring experience with the mountaineering skills needed to to approach skiing in big mountain terrain.

"It was great. I would not think of planning another climb without using RMI. If asked, I would also recommend RMI to others."
— Mike W.
"Honestly, I used this experience as a trial to determine if I'd like to climb with RMI in the future. Prior to this climb I had already thought that it would be a stepping stone to possibly climbing Elbrus or Aconcagua in the future. After this climb, I can't imagine climbing with anybody other than RMI."
— Del B.

Participating in an incredible adventure with people that were both professional and down to earth. The guides make or break a trip like this and they were great. I wouldn't hesitate to do another trip with them. Climbing Mt. Rainier is something I will reflect upon the rest of my life with a smile on my face thanks to their performance and positive attitude.

— David L.

NPS Authorized ConcessionerAuthorized Concessioner

RMI Expeditions is an authorized concessioner of Mount Rainier National Park.