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Stoney Molina, Mountain Guide, RMI Expeditions

Having spent some of the earliest years in life exploring the wildernesses of Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho without a true permanent home, Stoney's parents imbued him with an inexorable sense of wonder and respect for the natural world. Once settled into the Western Slope of Colorado, he grew up hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping in the West Elk Range. It was in university he discovered his passion for outdoor adventure sports of pretty much every variety. Though he lives and guides part time in high desert and canyon country known for its rock towers and muddy rapids, it is the mountains of snow and ice where he seems to find his “it.”

Stoney studies literature, biology, and emergency medicine at Colorado Mesa University. If he is not working or studying he probably has his face buried in a book.

  • Mount Rainier, Washington
  • Mount McKinley, Alaska
  • Various 12k, 13k, and 14k foot Colorado peaks, including ski descents
  • Independence Monument, Colorado
  • Rock and ice climbs in Colorado and Utah
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • AIARE Avalanche Level I

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