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RMI Registration Policies

RMI Registration Policies

The Registration Process

Registrations made via phone or the RMI website (hereby known as "Pending Registrations") will be reviewed by the RMI Office once complete. If a registration is missing required information or is deemed inappropriate for the trip, the registration may be cancelled and no deposit charges made. Once reviewed and approved, the registration will be confirmed, the deposit charged, and a Confirmation Email sent. Please note that some trips (including International and Alaska programs) require additional registration information that may be provided after Confirmation. Please visit the "Policies" section of your program on the RMI website.

Submitting a Registration

All registrations must be completed in full in order to be confirmed. Any information already provided to the RMI Office will be saved for completing the remainder of the Registration online.

Required Information

Due to the challenging environment of the mountains we require basic information about all participants to confirm your registration. Pending registrations that are missing information will not be confirmed until all information is provided. If this information is not provided within four (4) business days we will cancel the registration. If you are registering for multiple participants, please see section "Registering for Multiple Participants" below.

Pre-Registration Information

For certain trips we want to know a little bit about your climbing background before asking you to complete your Registration information. In this case, you must provide your Personal Information and Previous Experience to the RMI Office. Once this is reviewed we will send you a link to complete the remainder of your registration.

Registration for Multiple Participants

You may register for multiple spaces on a program. You will need the name, email address, and date of birth for all participants. The remainder of the registration information must be completed by each individual. Each participant will receive emails prompting them to complete their registration information. Registration information for yourself and each additional participant must be completed within four (4) business days. Please note: by registering multiple participants, you assume FULL FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY for ALL DEPOSIT & BALANCE payments for all participants. If you do not wish to pay the final balance for the additional climber(s), each participant must register individually, or you may contact the RMI Office at 888-892-5462 for assistance.

Registration information for yourself and all participants on your registration must be completed within four (4) business days. Failure to complete this information may result in the cancellation of your registration. Once completed, the RMI Office will review your registration, process your deposit, and send a Confirmation email to each participant. 

Multiple Registrations

You may register for only ONE climb. If you would like to register for multiple climbs at once, please contact the RMI Office.

Registration for Minors

***Participants who are under the age of 18 on the first day of the program are considered minors and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Responsibility for the parent or legal guardian will be indicated during the Registration Process by the registrar.***

Forms and Waivers

All Registrations require completed and signed Medical, Acknowledgment of Risk, and Policies documents. These documents may be completed during the registration process using an eSignature. If these forms are not received within two business days, RMI reserves the right to cancel your registration.

If you prefer to complete the Registration information by hard copy, please contact the RMI Office to receive a PDF version of the Registration Information.

Cancelling a Registration before Confirmation

If your Registration does not meet any of our Registration or Program Policies, we reserve the right to cancel your registration. Reasons for cancellation include, but are not limited to, missing registration information for any of the participants on the registration, medical concerns, lack of experience, failure to comply with our age policies, or failure to agree to our payment responsibilities. In the event of a cancelled Registration before Confirmation your deposit will not be charged and the spaces will be released from reservation.

Cancelling a Registration after Confirmation

Once the Registration is confirmed, your deposit will be processed. Cancellation after this point falls within the Program Policies as described in the “Policies” section of your Program.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. Please see our Privacy Policy for information regarding your privacy.

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