Interval Training Exercises

Interval training is an important component in improving your cardiovascular base and preparing to climb comfortably at a variety of paces. The technique of interval training calls for including surges in activity while maintaining an elevated heart rate. Interval training, used over a long period of time, can increase the heart’s capacity for pumping blood through the body. We have had success with interval training when we have a minimum of three months of training time.

Intervals can vary from repeating several minutes of effort to single intervals that last over half an hour. The goal of interval training is to elevate your heart rate beyond a comfortable pace to raise your “lactate threshold,” the level of effort beyond which your body can no longer process the lactate produced by your muscles. Over time repeated interval training, combined with adequate rest, will raise this level. Intervals can be done in a variety of activities, including running, biking, hiking on steep hills, rowing, etc. All interval sessions should include a proper warm up and cool down afterwards.

Interval Training Examples:

  1. 5-minute running intervals
  2. 30-minute time trials riding a bike
  3. Speed hikes lasting up to an hour

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