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I came to RMI with 6 years of previous experience guiding throughout the Cascades, Alaska, and the Central and South Americas. After working for a number of other organizations, I am consistently impressed with RMI’s organization, commitment to, and support of their guiding staff. We have a number of strong female guides on our roster, and being a part of a company and community that respects and promotes the growth of women in this industry has been instrumental to my success.

Since I began working for RMI, I have been presented with numerous opportunities to work in amazing places. Guiding the Mexican Volcanoes and working on Mt. McKinley are personal favorites. Guiding has been a platform for inspiration and opportunity in my personal climbing, as well. My husband (also an RMI guide) and I were recently presented with the chance of a lifetime to climb and ski Mt. Waddington in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. Great friends and a clear weather made for a successful and unforgettable experience!

RMI’s Guide Grant Scholarship has been an enormous resource in helping me work toward achieving my goal of completing my American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) certification. This is a long process, and not one lacking in hard work and dedication, but knowing my employer is in support of, and willing to invest in my continuing education, has created a strong sense of commitment and drive to eventually attain the highest level of certification in the industry. Throughout my career I have had the good fortunate to spend time with many inspiring and motivating guides. Now, as a Senior Guide at RMI, I strive to provide that same mentorship, which I feel is an invaluable aspect of our education.

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