The Eddie Bauer RMI Guide Grant

Guide Grant Stories


Rainier Mountaineering, Inc. (RMI) guides are the key factor in our guest's safety and success. For 40 years, this company has been dedicated to supporting the guiding community through education.

In the fall of 2008, the Eddie Bauer First Ascent-RMI Guide Grant was established to promote the continued education of RMI guides, encourage and enable guides to pursue their own alpine challenges, and further enhance the quality of our guide service.

Grants are awarded in the categories of Guide Education and Alpine Climbing/Ski Mountaineering. To date, RMI Guides have participated in hundreds of hours of continuing education and professional development courses, clinics and seminars. With help offered by the Grant, numerous RMI guides are pursuing American Mountain Guide Association certification in the Alpine, Rock and Ski disciplines. The Grant has also helped RMI guides further their avalanche education and backcountry emergency first aid skills in course work with the American Institute of Avalanche Research and Education and Remote Medical International.

The Eddie Bauer First Ascent-RMI Guide Grant: Promoting guide excellence through education and adventure.

We would like to congratulate these guides and commend them for their ongoing commitment to professional development.


Guide Grant Recipients:

Lindsay Mann, Levi Kepsel, Zeb Blais, Elías de Andrés-Martos, Katie Bono, Solveig Waterfall, Pete Van Deventer, Tyler Reid, Andres Marin, Mike Tomlinson, Kel Rossiter, Seth Waterfall, Adam Knoff, Cody Doolan, and Mike Walter

Tyler Jones, David Walter, Garrett Stevens, Tyler Reid, Katy Laveck, Seth Waterfall, Anne Gilbert Chase, Pete Van Deventer, Mike Walter, Elías de Andrés-Martos, Andres Marin, Paul Maier, Jake Beren, Zeb Blais, Leon Davis, Solveig Waterfall, Linden Mallory, Geoff Schellens, Kel Rossiter, and Eric Frank

Garret Stevens, Gabriel Barral, Geoff Schellens, Jason Thompson, Lindsay Mann, Andres Marin, Elías de Andrés-Martos, Kel Rossiter, Mike Walter, Eric Frank Tyler Reid, Tim Hardin, David Walter, and Zeb Blais

Gabriel Barral, Tim Hardin, Katy Laveck, Andres Marin, Erik Endert, Eric Frank, and Pete Van Deventer

Tyler Reid, Kel Rossiter, Chad Peele, Linden Mallory, Jake Beren, and Mike Walter