Aconcagua: RMI Team checks in from Camp 1

Posted by: | January 15, 2011
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Elevation: 16,200'

This is Gabi and the RMI Aconcagua expedition checking in from Camp 1.

This morning we left the comfort of Aconcagua Basecamp and started to head up at 10am. The team did a great job climbing today, it took us 4 1/2 hours to reach the camp. We enjoyed another sunny day. The cold winds on the Andes started to pick up, not too strong yet, but forecast is calling for 75 mph at the top for tomorrow. We will see how hard is blowing here tomorrow morning and we will decide if we do the carry to Camp 2. Our plans B and C for tomorrow are to carry just to the col between Aconcagua and Ameghino (half way to camp 2) or we’ll use one of the weather days if winds are extremely strong. We’ll be sending dispatches from the new comfort of Camp 1.
I am passing the keyboard to Garrett, and he will give you the score of the stoke meter.

Stokemeter By popular request we are instituting a daily stoke meter, to share with the world the level of excitement the team is currently feeling. We’ll be using a numeric scale that corresponds to a specific level of stoke, defined as follows: 0-2= no stoke. 3-5= semi-stoke. 6-8= stoked. 9-10= TOTALLY STOKED! Today’s stoke meter is a healthy 6, which is pretty nice after the climb.

Stay tuned for more updates from the team!
RMI Guides Gabriel Barral and Garrett Stevens

An RMI Team navigates the snow penitentes below Camp 1 last year

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Hey Lisa!
Looks a little different than going up the hill!  Right now you would need a wetsuit here.  Tell the guides to give us a few more pictures with maybe some
faces in them!  Keep up the good work and we will keep our fingers crossed for good weather.

Posted by: Anita Petit on 1/16/2011 at 10:25 am

Okay, this picture makes me glad I’m here at home reading your blog. How on Earth can you hike through those snow/ice needles?! Yeow! Take care! :-O

Posted by: Judy H. on 1/15/2011 at 8:12 pm

Hi Dan,
Sounds like the winds could be rough. Glad you all are doing fine. Love the stokemeter!! Have fun, but be safe.
Mom & Dad

Posted by: Ed & Katie Meleason on 1/15/2011 at 2:46 pm

“I’m stoked right now!”  Nice work on the climb to Camp 1.  Hope the wind doesn’t get too nasty for y’all.  Sending positive vibes and much stoke your way.

Posted by: Amy Stevens on 1/15/2011 at 2:42 pm

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