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Entries from Alaska

Alaska Alpine Seminar: Elias & Team Climb The Middle Troll

Good morning from little Swiss,

We came to an end, but not without reward…Yesterday we had, after a patient wait for blue skies, the most amazing of the climbing days we could hope for. the Middle Troll, reigning over the Pika, towered for hours above us, as its splitter granite cracks discerned a feasible access to its airy summit. The team climbed seamlessly, and all the training of the last week payed for an incredibly well oiled “uphilling” engine. We climbed into the evening, as the morning and early afternoon were still foggy; climbing into the evening light of Alaska’s summer was very special.

We’re now cooking our breakfast and soon we’ll fly back to civilization… wait to see our pictures! 

RMI Guide Elias deAndres Martos & Team

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Alaska Alpine Seminar: Elias and Team Take Shelter from the Rain

June 10, 2017

Good evening from Alaska. It shouldn’t be raining on the glaciers of this Range. But it is. We’ve been confined today to our tents and kitchen tarp to stay dry, as a wet cloud and on and off rain took over most of the day. No climbing or outside training we could do, but for the hour or so that we got a break, we moved camp, as our tent platforms became 1 foot tall pedestals due to the high temps. We’re all looking forward to an improvement on the forecast, and continue to climb on this sanctuary of alpine dreams that Little Swiss is!

Elias, Chase and team.

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Alaska Seminar: Learning Mountain Skills in the Great Outdoors

Today was off to an early start! After a quick breakfast, we stretched our legs heading up glacier to the base of Radio Tower and beyond to the cirque at the base of the East ridge of Frances, where we chatted about glaciology, route planning and navigation. Menacing seracs and at times nearly white-out conditions made the teachings come to life. After heading back to camp and a quick break, we learned and reviewed basic knots and hitches to get us ready for session 1 of basic crevasse rescue. We put to use our anchor building tactics from the previous day and spent the afternoon doing basic rescue drills. Cozying up to burritos was a great end to a long day.

RMI Guide Jessie Poquerusse & team

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Denali Expedition: Walter & Team Retrieve Cache Below 11K Camp

We slept in this morning and then enjoyed a breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, and smoked salmon. Then we headed back down glacier to retrieve the cache we left there two days ago. It was a warm day with light snow and no wind. Now that we have all of our supplies with us at 11k, we’ll start to strategize our move to the upper mountain. The next move for us is to carry supplies up around Windy Corner and establish a cache at around 13,700’. We’re still not sure if that will happen tomorrow or if we will take our first full rest day. Weather will certainly play a role in that decision. We will let you know what we decide and touch base tomorrow.

RMI Guide Mike Walter

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...don’t sleep in too long DWH! love you and am so proud of you! - mom sends her love as well! Prayers for a safe summit AKS

Posted by: Ann Kathryn Hines-Scott on 5/10/2017 at 3:37 am

Beautiful sky! Hope the rest of you got out of your tents to see that glorious sight!

Posted by: Nancy Hines on 5/9/2017 at 6:29 pm

Denali Expedition: Walter & Team Move to 11,200’ Camp

I’m writing this dispatch from our new home at 11,200’. Everyone did great on our move today, hauling our sleds and heavy backpacks up 3,400’ from the base of Ski Hill. The weather started as mostly cloudy, then transitioned to white out conditions where you could not differentiate sky from glacier. We flew on instruments most of the day today. There was also snow and drifting snow that made the climbing even more challenging. Everybody climbed strong and came into camp in style.
Tomorrow we sleep in and rest a little bit and then head back down to 10,300’ to retrieve the cache that we left there yesterday. It should be a much easier day than today.
We’ll check back tomorrow to let you know how it goes.

RMI Guide Mike Walter

On The Map

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Thanks for the update! Glad to hear all is well. Keep up the good work everyone, and remember the power of meditation, David!
P.S. The wheelbarrow is now full of gray, moldy peanuts, being nibbled on by squirrels who are sneaking into the garage…what should I do?

Posted by: Nancy Hines on 5/8/2017 at 9:09 pm

Way to go Rue and team!!!! #beastmode


Posted by: Cindee on 5/8/2017 at 7:14 pm

Denali Expedition: Mike Walter & Team Carry to 10,300’

May 6, 2017 11:18 pm PST

We had a very successful day today, carrying a load of supplies up to around 10,300’ where we buried it under a couple meters of snow so that the ravens won’t dig it up. Then we returned back to our camp at the Base of Ski Hill (7800’) for the night. After a good hot dinner, we’ve all retired to our sleeping bags for well earned rest. Tomorrow we are hoping to move camp up to 11,200’. We’ll let you know how it goes.

RMI Guide Mike Walter & Team

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Mike, Thom, Todd and David
Wishing you fabulous weather and all the best
From Sunny South Africa

Posted by: Adelle on 5/7/2017 at 11:30 pm

Alaska Seminar: Elias Checks In From the Kahiltna Glacier

Greetings from the Southeast Fork of Kahiltna Glacier. We flew in a day ahead of schedule in anticipation of the weather that kept all flights grounded in Talkeetna yesterday. With the current snowy conditions for routes in the Ruth, we decided to switch our destination. Yesterday we scouted the approach to routes like Mini Moon Flower, and Bacon and Eggs, a route that despite its funny name, is a treat to alpine climbers. Today we’re doing the same for the Southwest Ridge of Mt. Frances, another objective we consider. We’re hoping to climb tonight on the western flanks of Mt. Hunter and the ridge that connects it to Kahiltna Queen, dominating the end of this cup de sac glacier.

RMI Guide Elias de Andres Martos

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