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Entries from Everest BC Trek and Lobuche

Everest Base Camp Trek & Lobuche Climb: Smith & Team Acclimatize on Local Peak

It's us again,

Today we said goodbye and safe travels to the other RMI team who trekked to Everet Basecamp. While we are focusing on acclimatization, they are eager to get to lower altitudes and more oxygen. To help with our acclimatization the team took off uphill outside our teahouse and went up Nangkartshang. The top sits at 16, 644' with half the team making the top and half the team hitting 15,000' before turning around to get some more rest. Everyone did great and is feeling well. Tomorrow we push higher to Lobuche. We are only a couple nights away from basecamp and several nights away from heading to our high camp on Lobuche peak. The days are flying by and blending together. Before you know it we will be the team heading downhill while Everest teams head uphill. The nights are cold, so we are all bundled in our sleeping bags getting warm and allowing our bodies to rest before another uphill filled day. 

So goodnight all,

Hannah, Abby, and Team

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Everest Base Camp Trek & Lobuche Climb: Smith & Team Have Puja Ceremony in Pangboche, Arrive Pheriche

Hello Readers,

We woke to a clear frosty day. The team made their way to the dining hall for various hot drinks to warm up the bodies before hitting the frozen trail. Once on the trail it didn't take long for the sun to begin to thaw the grown and us. Shortly I to our hike we came across about 15 Tahr roaming the hillside. You can't beat a wildlife sighting. Halfway to our new Teahouse we stopped in Pangboche to do a puja ceremony where the team got blessed for safe travels. Even though we do not practice their religion or understand all the intricacies in the ceremony, it's a moving experience and makes you want to learn more. A quick stop for tea fueled us to our final location, Pheriche. Here we will spend two nights acclimatizing. The other RMI teamed rolled in in the afternoon. It was fun to see the descending team and know that will be us in about a week. For now we will enjoy the scenery around us and let our bodies adjust to the new altitude. 

Goodnight all,

RMI Guides Hannah, Abby, and Team

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Good evening trusty readers,

Today we left the comforts of Namche to make our way further up valley. We may not have had views yesterday but we more than made up for them today. The team enjoyed their first views of Everest along with Lhotse, Nuptse, and Ama Dablam. It turns out there is a lot of downhill while making our way uphill to basecamp.

The first half of the day we gradually descended towards the valley floor before we crossed a bridge to reascend everything we had lost and then some. We made quick work of the uphill even with the traffic jam of people and animals. After walking through the monastery at Tengboche we descended one more time to our best Teahouse.

Now we may have left Namche, but we sure didn't not leave any comfort. Our rooms had fluffy blankets and heated beds to sooth and relax our bodies. There is plenty of effort given getting to basecamp but so far we have not had give up much comfort. Another delicious dinner and some dessert has us happy and ready for bed. Tomorrow is another day on the trail with more beautiful views.

Goodnight, all,

RMI Guides Hannah Smith, Abby Westling, and Team

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Go team! So proud of & excited for you, Deborah. Sad not to see those amazing views with you all…k

Posted by: Kaki on 3/25/2023 at 3:54 pm

Everest Base Camp Trek & Lobuche Climb: Smith & Team Enjoy Rest Day in Namche

Good evening/ good morning,

Today we had an active rest. A later breakfast allowed for a casual morning full of coffee and milk tea. We sipped on our hot drinks while the sun thawed out the town. Warmed by the sun we took off on a hike uphill to the Everest View Hotel. Unfortunately for us our view was clouds. Even with the lack of mountainous views, it was still pretty and beneficial to go on the hike. Our legs and lungs are getting stronger. In no time we will be at Everest Basecamp. Once back at our teahouse in Namche we all roamed the town for souvenirs and lattes. The lattes at Sherpa Barista taste like a cup of happiness. Tomorrow we will leave Namche for Deboche. One teahouse closer to Everest Basecamp. As for now we are going to enjoy our dinner together and our heated blankets (now that everyone knows about them hidden under the mattress). 

Goodnight on our side of the world,

RMI Guides Hannah, Abby, and Team

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Everest Base Camp Trek & Lobuche Climb: Smith & Team Enjoy Walk to Namche Bazaar

Greeting from the Khumbu,

The team woke to clear skies for our walk to Namche. We filled our bellies with coffee and breakfast and hit the trail. After about two minutes of walking with pulled off the trail for a bakery pitstop. Herman's Bakery in Phakding makes a variety of delicious baked goods that make great trail snacks. Packs full of pastries we hit the trail for real this time. The trek to Namche gains 3,000' but with all the ups and downs it feels like much more. Walking these stairs is much more beautiful and engaging than the Stairmaster at home. We crossed high and long suspension bridges that have a slight bounce to them as you make your way across. A final big push up and we are greeted by a town in a bowl on the side of the mountains. Namche is vast and bustling with eager trekkers. It is a great place to have a rest day. The team made great work getting here and is looking forward to exploring all that is Namche. Tomorrow we will sleep in with a casual breakfast than go on a small hike followed by well-deserved resting. 

Goodnight all back home,

RMI Guides Hannah Smith, Abby Westling, and Team 

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Hi to all,  Thank you for the informative daily blogs.  I’m really enjoying your adventure.  Feels like I’m there with you.  Wishing you all much happiness, peace and joy as you continue your journey.  In my thoughts and prayers. Lots of hugs, Diane

Posted by: Diane Patrito on 3/23/2023 at 7:44 pm

Everest Base Camp Trek & Lobuche Climb: Smith & Team Check Gear and Explore Kathmandu

Good morning readers,

Today we awoke at various times. Some have escaped the wrath of the jetlag and some of us not so much. After a few cups of coffee we met for our team meeting where we went over our itinerary, important information and gear check for our time in the Khumbu. Afterwards we loaded a van and went on our city tour. We walked around the Boudhanath Stupa and learned out the Wheel of Life and the Mandala. Next we walked the many steps to the monkey temple and yes there were plenty of cute monkeys. But don't let their cuteness confuse you, they can be quite intimidating. After an afternoon walking around the sites, the team was ready for a quick rest before dinner. Tonight is our last night in Kathmandu. Tomorrow we wake before the sun to head to the airport to fly to Lukla. Please send all your positive, lucky vibes and keep us in your prayers, no matter the religion, for safe travels on our flight and for good weather.

Goodnight and sleep tight,

RMI Guides Hannah, Abby, and Team

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Sending you all positive vibes and well wishes for a great trip!

Posted by: Shannon Smith on 3/22/2023 at 9:39 am

Hannah, Half price, full snow cone!!  Hope you all have a great time and amazing adventure.

Posted by: Josh Jones on 3/21/2023 at 8:33 pm

Everest Base Camp Trek: Grom & Team Enjoy Rest Day in Pheriche

Hello again everyone.

Team is hanging tough here in Pheriche as the weather and clouds continue to obscure the amazing views. But spirits are high nonetheless!

Thankfully today was a scheduled rest day and the team enjoyed relaxing here at our lodge most of the day. We did manage to squeeze in a very short hike in the snow to stretch our legs a bit. Reading, naps and some storytelling filled most of the day.

Weather forecast are calling for sunshine tomorrow. So keep your fingers crossed for us!

RMI Guide Casey Grom and crew

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The puffy pants crew is looking good! Crossing my fingers for some bright sun to match those bright pants. :)

Posted by: Jess on 3/21/2023 at 5:43 pm

Everest Base Camp Trek & Lobuche:  Team Returns to Kathmandu

Day 16-17

Waking into Namche this round through was much different than the first time.  Despite our sizable group, we were by no means the largest on the trail.  

This place is now in full swing with Everest climbers, international trekking teams and yak trains going up the valley towards Everest Base Camp.  

Even though the traffic resembled more of a US interstate than a single-track trail, we were pleased to land back at camp de base where we were welcomed with hot showers, Nepal Ice “extra strong beer” and the comforts of nice rooms with personal bathrooms. The hike was roughly 8 miles from Pangboche consisting of many ups and downs but nothing the seasoned team couldn’t handle.    

After a normal 7:30 breakfast the following morning, we set our sights on Lukla, home of the infamous dead-end runway and gateway to Everest.   Eleven miles and 6 hours after leaving Namche we strolled in with time to spare before dinner so naps all around became the team activity.   The clouds were thick as pea soup by 7 pm so our flight status was a bit unknown.   With fingers crossed we went to bed. When our alarms ripped us awake at 5 am the disheartening presence of this fog was still lingering out the window.  

We made our way anyhow, walking to the airport to check in and hope for the best. After waiting for ten hours to fly on the way in, we were not hoping for a repeat.   Two hours in we were beginning to get a bit worried and then the first plane landed.   Ten minutes later we were loaded up and, in our way, back to Kathmandu!   

Now we are clean, fed and content, celebrating a fun and successful trip. I can’t thank this team enough for a great few weeks in Nepal.   

This wraps up the Everest Base Camp and Lobuche expedition. Thanks for following!  

RMI Guides Adam Knoff and Hannah Smith and Team

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Amazing trip. Would do it all over again. This trip changed the trajectory of my life. Thank you for your expertise guidance and comeraderie

Posted by: Eva on 4/9/2022 at 3:17 am

Congratulations! If you are in southwest Idaho, look us up!

Posted by: Molly Knoff Vaughn on 4/8/2022 at 10:01 am

Everest Base Camp Trek & Lobuche: Knoff Set Sights on Lukla

It has been a very satisfying past two days as we have descended from high camp with our sights set on Lukla and the flight ready to take us back to Kathmandu.   

On Monday we left our beautiful camp situated at 17,200 feet on the western flanks of Lobuche peak and began our descent towards Pangboche, where we would spend the night.  We passed many other camps of expeditions who will use this mountain as a warmup for Everest in the coming months; acclimatizing enough to hopefully skip a rotation through the dreaded Khumbu ice fall which looks quite treacherous this season compared to years past.  After getting through the valley and back onto the main trail, we were astonished by how much the river had risen due the warming temperatures compared to crossing it just a week previous.  The weather and temperatures are definitely concerning because of the impacts on the glaciers and the volatility it creates in the mountains.  We are glad to have climbed when we did and be finished before things get too melted.   

Upon our arrival in Pheriche, we ate some lunch, repacked a few things then hit the dusty trail for a few more hours of walking down to Pangboche.  Feeling happy about our climb and healthy from the thick oxygen of 13,000 feet, the team went out for beers before dinner and enjoyed a couple hours of well-deserved free time resulting in fun conversation and reflection of the trip.  By 8:30, we were mostly in bed resting for yet another day of walking to Namche.   

Come morning we put the ball in motion almost automatically by this point and headed off by 8:15 for our 10 miles to Namche.   This team is now very accustomed to these distances, and we arrived in Camp de Base by 2:00 pm leaving us a solid few hours to shower, rest and shop before needing to eat more food, which is the general past time we all need to indulge in because three meals a day is no joke.   

Now, at 9:00pm on Tuesday evening we are back in our rooms ready for 10 more hours of sleep before biting off the last leg to Lukla tomorrow.   This place is almost indescribable in both beauty and hospitality, but nothing beats home after a long visit.   

Stay tuned to see if we can fly when scheduled.   It is often times the most unpredictable part of the trip.  

Adam Knoff

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Wishing you the best luck possible and a clear day to fly with an open runway!

Posted by: Jane on 4/5/2022 at 4:55 pm

Everest Base Camp Trek & Lobuche: Knoff, Smith & Team Summit Lobuche

We are happy to announce that the Lobuche climbing team successfully reached the summit this morning at roughly 10 am.  It was a much more demanding climb than originally thought but everyone pushed hard and gave it all they had resulting in 100% of the team making it to the summit. Because the day was so challenging, we got down much later than expected so we are currently still at High Camp.  We will descend in the morning to hot showers, wi fi and beer!   All of the guides are proud of today's efforts.  Stay tuned for a more detailed description later.

RMI Guide Hannah Smith

Leave a Comment For the Team (2)

CONGRATULATIONS!! Safe descending and travels!

Posted by: Molly Knoff Caughn on 4/3/2022 at 3:10 pm

That is Very Cool!! Congratulations!!

Posted by: Dave Kestel on 4/3/2022 at 11:20 am

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