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Entries By james bealer

Mt. Rainier: Grom, Bealer & Teams Unable to Climb due to Winds and Weather

The June 13 - 16 Four Day Climb led by RMI Guides Casey Grom & James Bealer were unable to make a summit attempt due to high winds overnight as well as avalanche conditions.  The Camp Muir telemetry shows winds over 70 mph.  Around 7 am the weather had improved, the team was going to do some avalanche forecast training.  The teams have packed up and started their descent from Camp Muir.  We look forward to greeting them at Rainier BaseCamp this afternoon.

Photo: James Bealer

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Mt. Rainier: Five Day Climb Teams Reach Summit today!

RMI Guides James Bealer and Bryan Mazaika led their Five Day Climb teams to the summit of Mt. Rainier this morning.  The teams reached the crater rim at 6:15 am.  It's a beautiful day with blue sky and no winds. After taking in the views and getting all the photos the team started their descent.  They will return to Camp Muir, pack their gear and continue the remaining 4.5 miles back to Paradise.  We look forward to greeting them at Rainier BaseCamp later this afternoon where they will celebrate their efforts and good fortune before completing their program.

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Mt. Rainier: Four Day Teams Turn at 11,400ft due to Avalanche Danger

Today's Four Day Climb May 31 - June 3 reached 11,400' today before deciding to turn around due to high avalanche danger and deteriorating weather.  The teams returned to Camp Muir and packed up.  They started their descent to Paradise at 8:30 am.  RMI Guides James Bealer and Josh McDowell reported that the winds were high and it was snowing hard as the team left Camp Muir on their descent.  Once back at Paradise the teams will be shuttled back to Rainier BaseCamp for a closing ceremony.

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Mt. Rainier: Five Day Climb Reaches Summit!

The Five Day Climb May 19 - 23 led by RMI Guides Brent Okita and James Bealer reached the summit of Mt. Rainier this morning around 8 am.  The team reported windy conditions and don't intend to stay too long on the summit.  This is the first RMI Team this season to reach the summit.  The group will return to Camp Muir for a short break and to re-pack their gear.  Then they will continue their descent to Paradise and return to Rainier BaseCamp later this afternoon.

Congratulations to today's climbers!

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Great effort. Sorry for falling over and dropping my ski pole (to be fair, I feel I corrected both in epic style…). Guides to die for.

Posted by: Simon on 5/25/2022 at 8:14 am

Fantastic! I’m on the 4 day 2nd/3rd next week.  Great job!

Posted by: Anthony zuccaro on 5/23/2022 at 9:22 am

Mt. Rainier: Five Day Climb Descending from Camp Muir

The Five Day Climb April 26 - 30 led by RMI Guides Avery Parrinello and James Bealer completed their Mountaineering School on April 27 and made the ascent to Camp Muir on April 28.  The teams spent the last two nights at 10,080' Camp Muir.  Climbers were able to ascend to Ingraham Flats but due to adverse weather conditions were unable to climb any higher. Today the team is descending from Camp Muir to Paradise.  We look forward to seeing them at Rainier BaseCamp this afternoon.

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Bummer guys!  Sorry about the weather!  It’s all about the journey and not the destination though!  I hope you learned a lot, met some cool people, and are excited for the next one.

Posted by: Constantine V on 5/1/2022 at 4:16 pm

Mt. Rainier: Expedition Skills Seminar - Muir Wrap up Week of Training

After a week of unexpected park closures and a wonderful spring storm, our first Muir seminar of the season has concluded. Despite the less than stellar weather conditions, the team was able to shift gears and make the most of their time on the mountain. Climbers learned important skills like route planning, glaciology, snow sciences and spent several days practicing and honing their crevasse rescue skills.

Congratulations team – we hope you enjoyed your time on the mountain!

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Mt. Rainier: Expedition Skills Seminar - Muir Begins the 2022 Season

On Monday, the Expedition Skills Seminar - Muir was foiled from getting into the National Park by a large Spring snow storm.  We spent the day learning and practicing technical skills like rope ascension and ice climbing.  The team then learned about route planning, glaciology, and snow science. Hopes are high that the team can reach Paradise today.

RMI Guide James Bealer

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Hi, did this group reach the summit??

Posted by: John Swartz on 4/16/2022 at 10:50 am

Mt. Baker Backcountry Ski & Ride Course

This weekend our Backcountry Ski and Ride course had an excellent time learning the fundamentals of backcountry skiing.  Saturday gave us a light dusting of fresh snow as we practiced our rescue skills and learned how to move as a group in the backcountry. 

The next day, we practiced making terrain decisions and students navigated the group through the ascents and descents of our long tour.  We ended up having beautiful weather for most of the course and had the whole mountain to ourselves on Sunday. 

Our students are excited to use their new skills for upcoming ski descents of local Washington mountains as well as skiing corn with their friends.  

RMI Guide James Bealer & Team

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Aconcagua: All Smiles After Climb To Camp 2

We huffed and puffed our way up to Camp 2 today, which sits at 18,300 feet. The team did a great job with the move! Arriving at camp this afternoon, everyone felt a major sense of accomplishment. Ear to ear smiles, and hugs all around! Our hard work today will be rewarded with a much deserved day of rest tomorrow. We have now situated ourselves perfectly for a summit attempt in the coming days.


Till next time,

RMI  Guide Luke Wilhelm and team

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I have wonder and excitement for you on what it must feel like for this to be accomplished. What a life changing event for you. I am so excited for you all. Keep going! Love you Tim!

Posted by: Teri Derr on 2/1/2022 at 8:43 am

Richie, you da man! I’m super proud of you for pursing your life passions and adventuring to new epic heights. I’ve been reading the blogs and it sounds like you’re surrounded by amazing human beings with enormous hearts. Keep blazing upward! GO TEAM!!!

Posted by: Joey Collazo on 2/1/2022 at 5:55 am

Aconcagua Expedition: The Soul of a Climber

The Soul of a Climber 


The mountains hold the soul,

And light fire in the hearts of some men.

It leads them to do things,

Others don't just understand.


It's not only the summits,

Though that's what we oft speak of.

It's the journey, the effort,

And so much more that we love.


It's trekking the valleys,

That lead to the trailhead.

And the anticipation of adventures,

During the journey ahead.


It's the early morning sun,

As if it illuminates the peaks.

All through the day until sunset,

These are the beauties we seek.


We realize it will take effort,

That there will be moments of pain.

But the mountain gives more back,

It is much more of a gain.


It's the time spent with others,

Telling tales of past climbs.

And of more ventures ahead,

That excite each climber's mind.


There is time spent together,

There is tile spent alone.

But mostly it is time in the mountains,

In this place we call home.


The time comes to leave, 

It invariably does.

But our hearts and souls have been nourished,

By these sacred mountains we love. 


-Tim Cavanagh

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Hola, Tim and the Team!  We hope your lungs are cleansed and your hearts are filled in your dance with Mother Nature.  We are right behind you in spirit.  Love, D and I

Posted by: Dick and Irene Simpson on 2/1/2022 at 9:47 am

To our dad and his fellow mountaineers,

Your journey brings envy to our “home isolation”
but hope you’re enjoying God’s Divine Creation.
The mountains are beautiful and treacherous at best,
We hope you are eating, hydrating, and getting adequate rest.
You’ll be climbing and slogging through all sorts of weather
Just think of the camaraderie and memories you’re making together.
It is one of the best parts of these expeditions no doubt,
Along with reflection, prayer, and a few curses throughout.
We’re praying for you all and especially the “Soul of a Climber” who’s soles imprint on the trail
And look forward to you regaling us with your long mountaineer tale.

We love you, dad!

Love and God Bless,
Chris, Bo, Lillian, and Carl

Posted by: ChrisBoLillianCarl on 1/30/2022 at 8:33 pm

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