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Mt. McKinley: Jones & Team Visit the Edge of the World

From 14k camp on Denali’s West Buttress, it is only a short walk to one of the best views in the entire range. The perch is called “The Edge of the World”. The plateau on which camp sits falls away dramatically. Nearly 5,000 vertical feet below lies the infamous Valley of Death. This afternoon our team walked to the edge of the world and took turns getting belayed out to the edge to take in the view. This afternoon the valley floor was obstructed by clouds which would sporadically rise to engulf us, but several times we were able to glimpse parts of the wall thousands of feet below us.

The weather in camp has continued to be squirrelly. Last night we were buffeted by winds up to 50mph from various directions. Thankfully, we had already built a few snow walls to protect the tents, but the incessant flapping on nylon all night has convinced us to build more. The snow is falling fast now as we settle in for the night when we rise we will just see what the day brings.

RMI Guides Tyler Jones, Eric Frank and Logan Randolph

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Comments (10)

Reading your experience gives me confort because I know you’re being secure, and I envy the stunning views you have from that elevation. Bonne nuit Nicô!- Hélène

Posted by: Hélène Larocque-Nolin on

Thanks for the updates!  Hopefully the weather will be in your favor in the days ahead!  Michael stay warm and strong and I can’t wait to see the pictures from the edge of the world!!

Posted by: Scott on

Rolf and team,

Hope you all are getting lots of food and rest as you wait for the weather to clear.  Good luck and save your energy.


Posted by: Jarrod Buckley on

Back from Tibet.  Climb hard, Rolf!

Posted by: Jeff on

Following your journey espetially the last few days that you are stuck in the snow wind and ice remind us of adventurous movie. May the next few days be on your side. Keep strong and safe Chris and Team and we are all here wishing you all the very best for safely continue your jurney. God be with you all the way.
Keep us posted Tyler and Thank you for the updates.

Posted by: voula likourgiotis on

The edge of the world sounds like an amazing view, can’t wait to see the pics when you return! Stay strong, warm and safe!!

Posted by: Jenn on

Hang in there, Tyler and crew. Hopefully, the weather lifts soon to carry on with your accent. Love, Travis, Nicole, Bella and Maddie

Posted by: Travis Pyle on

Larry and all,
Continue your safe travail; hope the winds and weather let up for your continued ascent. We thought about the team and you while toasting marshmellows at our beach campsite.
Debbie & Mark Worden

Posted by: Debbie Worden on

It must be frustrating waiting out the horrible weather. I hope you’re all still feeling strong and healthy . I’m following posts and weather closely Chris and always thinking of you, xoxoxo

Posted by: Susan on

Larry and Crew:
Thanks for the update It sounds like you are hanging tough and enjoying yourselves!  Given the lower 48 is mired in heat (west and midwest) and rain (southwest) ... it’s hard to imagine experiencing so much snow!  Larry and crew, stay safe and please keep us posted.  We are all pulling for you!
Fred K.

Posted by: Fred Klingbeil on

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