Mt. Everest Expedition: Hiking and Annual Horseshoe Invitational at Basecamp

Posted by: Dave Hahn | May 14, 2012
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Elevation: 17,575'

This is Dave Han calling from Everest Basecamp. And another nice day here yesterday and today it didn’t snow. First time in about 10 days. A little bit drier weather playing through. Teams are starting to get into position now. It’s looking like there’s gonna be little bit of weather window. They are talking at first about the 17th and the 18th. A little bit calmer weather up above. It didn’t look all that windy today. It wasn’t quite summit weather. A little bit more of a break coming up that a number of teams are hoping to jump on and establish that route to the top. We are actually looking a few days beyond that and monitoring the weather forecast to see if we get lucky out past that. Today our team went on various hikes. Everybody’s feeling strong, feeling healthy. Nice to be running around on the hills around here. This afternoon we had our Annual Invitational Horseshoe Tournament at the RMI Base Camp and it was well attended. Lots of fun for the afternoon. [Groan] And sadly the RMI teams didn’t finish in the finals, didn’t win but it was a great tournament. We are looking forward to next year. All for now.

RMI Guide Dave Hahn

Dave Hahn checks in from Everest Basecamp

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