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Mt. Rainier: Intro to Ski Mountaineering is Underway

Posted by: Solveig Waterfall, Bryan Hendrick | March 31, 2014
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Elevation: 6200'

Hello from 6200’!

We spent the day in Ashford yesterday organizing gear and getting our ski kits dialed in.

The road to Paradise was delayed in opening due to the 13” of new snow overnight!

We kept ourselves busy this morning tour planning and exercising our map and compass skills, while enjoying coffee and patiently waiting for the plows to finish their job.
The late arrival was worth it, and we made good time to our campsite here in the Upper slopes of the Paradise Valley.  After building a bomber camp we went out for a cocktail hour ski back down the valley a few hundred feet.

We are all cozy here in camp and looking forward to clear skies and more training tomorrow!


RMI Guides Solveig Waterfall, Bryan Hendrick, and the team!

Route Planning. Photo: Bryan Hendrick Ski Camp. Photo: Bryan Hendrick Paradise Valley. Photo: Bryan Hendrick The Dining tent. Photo: Bryan Hendrick

Great photos, Solveig. Looks like great fun: Maybe even for our age group. The snow season is about over here.
Cheers, Joe

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Posted by: joe Griffith on 4/1/2014 at 6:06 am

RMI Guide Bryan Hendrick’s Summer Project

Posted by: Bryan Hendrick | October 15, 2013
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RMI Guide Bryan Hendrick took on a little side project this summer: between his climbs of Mt. Rainier, Bryan built a portable tiny house on a 16’ trailer that he can tow behind his truck. Working in the yard in Ashford, Bryan took 3 months to build a 192 square foot house. A few days ago Bryan packed up his climbing gear - and his house - and headed off to Leavenworth, WA, where he is planning on parking it for the winter.

“Driving the house to Leavenworth was exciting to say the least. With the recent snow fall, Chinook Pass had less than ideal driving conditions the day I drove the house over. The road was snow covered and a little wet in places. At 8’6” wide, it’s not something you want to tow too often,” said Bryan.

Below are a few photos of the house being built:

Preparing the trailer

Framing in the house.

Bryan working on the roof.

Working on the interior.

Finishing the siding.

Ready to hit the road.

Bryan Hendrick is a mountain guide for RMI Expeditions. When not climbing mountains or building houses, Bryan works for Naturalist at Large and the Stevens Pass Ski Patrol. He will also be out in the mountains preparing for several AMGA courses this spring.


Glad to see the procject finished Bryan! it looks great.

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Posted by: George Manley on 10/18/2013 at 3:07 pm

Good on you Brian!
I’ve been looking into doing a tiny house myself. Your finished product looks great! Cedar exterior? What did you do for interior finishes? Do you… read more

Posted by: Kevin on 10/16/2013 at 7:15 am

Justman & the Emmons Seminar Complete Their Week on Mt. Rainier

Posted by: J.J. Justman, Levi Kepsel, Alex Barber, Bryan Hendrick | June 19, 2013
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RMI Guide JJ Justman and team returned to Ashford today after completing their six-day Emmons Expedition Skills Seminar.  JJ captured brilliant views on their summit day.  See the video below.

Mt. Rainier: Emmons Skills Seminar at Schurman and Ready for Summit Bid

Posted by: J.J. Justman, Levi Kepsel, Alex Barber, Bryan Hendrick | June 17, 2013
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Elevation: 9,440'

The Expedition Skills Seminar – Emmons has reached Camp Schurman.  JJ reports that the team is doing well.  The weather is currently sunny with some clouds above and below.  The team is planning on making their summit attempt tonight.  Wish them well!

RMI Guide JJ Justman

Mt. Rainier's Emmons Glacier. Photo: RMI Collection

Very proud of you - be careful.  In the meantime, I am enjoying a glass of cabernet and some doritos. Love, Generalisima

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Posted by: Maria Owens on 6/17/2013 at 3:25 pm

To all ‘you fools’...can’t wait to see the go-pro pictures. Have fun, be careful.


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Posted by: Sam Cribbs on 6/17/2013 at 2:20 pm

Mt. Rainier: Emmons Skills Seminar at Glacier Basin

Posted by: J.J. Justman, Levi Kepsel, Alex Barber, Bryan Hendrick | June 16, 2013
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The Expedition Skills Seminar – Emmons is soaking up the sun and setting up camp in Glacier Basin.  The team is doing really well and everyone is excited to be on the mountain.  There are clouds building so taking advantage of the sun is the number one priority for training this afternoon.

RMI Guide JJ Justman

An RMI Emmons team hiking out to the training area. Photo: RMI Collection