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Mt. McKinley: Happy Father’s Day From 14,200’

June 15, 2014 - 11:35 pm PT

Well, the weather keeps us down in from higher altitudes. Though a short window during this morning allowed us to venture out to one of the best view spots in all of the Alaska Range, The Edge of The World. We took pictures and told stories as the clouds came in and out, enjoying the company and scenery. But we’d like to give some personal shout outs from each of the folks here, so keep reading:

Happy Father’s Day Dad, Ken, and Frank! Love you guys! Nicole, Emma, and Baby Jake- love and miss you guys! Mom- I am warm and happy. You can sleep now :) all of my love! Aunt Marie and Uncle Kelly- thanks for the prayers! Houston Nicole, thanks for all of the comments! Wish you and Shaun were here. Have a great trip Wade!  Thinking of everyone down there! -Jen

Hope all is well at home, can’t wait to catch up. Hopin for good weather as the clock is ticking. Happy Father’s Day a little late. The views are great as is the food. Missing my little lady a lot. See u all soon.

Hi Oz, I love you and miss you. So happy and proud to be your father. See you soon.

On this Father. Day at camp 14 I’m thinking of my father. When you were alive. you would say you didn’t ever want to know when I climb McKinley. I’m so glad that you are my gaurding angel on this trip. Dave Johnson

Happy father’s Dad and Tommy! To all the other dads in my family! Love you all. Ty

Happy Father’s Day dad! Thinking of you from a frosty 14 camp, hope you’re enjoying a sultry southern Sunday! Love, Garrett

RMI Guides Tyler Jones, Garrett Stevens & Bryan Hendrick

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Comments (11)

Hi Will, We have been following your progress everyday and keeping the family informed. We are all rooting for you and your team. The pictures we have seen are incredible. Look forward to hearing all about the climb when you return. Keep up the good work! Love and prayers, Mom & Dad

Posted by: Pat & Bill Ivy on

Jake- Maggie was excited to hear how much you miss her :)Hope the weather cooperates for you and the team, stay warm!

Posted by: Alan Wander on

Jake & Team- I love following your blog.  Hope the weather cooperates soon.  Good luck & take lots of pics!  Tara

Posted by: Tara on

Good luck Dave and team. We are praying for you. Stay
safe. Can’t wait to see some pictures. Hopefully the
weather will let you get to the top.
Bonnie & Suzanne

Posted by: Bonnie on

Love this post Jen.  It was so good to hear from you even if it was just a text.  Glad you are warm and happy.  After all, that is all a mom and aunt wants to hear.  Love you so much and can’t wait to read the blog that says you nailed the summit and you are back to the base.  Keep strong and confident.  xoxo

Posted by: Aunt Marie on

Jen- Finally found the blog! Looks amazing. Glad you are safe and look forward to hearing about everything in person. Sending positive energy from Flagstaff! Morgan

Posted by: Morgan on

Jen - Wow, that view looks amazing! Thanks for the shout out. Shaun and I wish we were there with you as well. Watching all of the blog entries from your expedition has made me homesick for our Ecuador trip and has me really thinking about signing up for next year. I’m sorry the weather up higher is keeping you down, but I’m glad you had good weather yesterday. I hope you are all getting super rested and acclimatized and will be spring-loaded once that good weather window comes.

Posted by: Nicole on

Sounds like you are all doing well. Beautiful photo!  Would love to know: what is the last possible day you could ascend? We are sending good vibes!

Posted by: Diane Wander on

Thanks for the Father’s Day comment. We all love you. Looking forward to fantastic tales of the northland when you get home. Go Team Jones from you’re number one fan. Dad.

Posted by: Nick Boekenoogen on

Jen thanks for the blog it brought tears to my eyes. Glad you are doing well. Still praying for good weather and safe climbing. Love Mom

Posted by: Terry on

Hi Will,
Sitting here cheering you on from our cushie chairs, warm offices,sipping our hot herbal tea, sending you warm thoughts.
Way to go Will!
From your Green Belt office colleagues

Posted by: Michael, Ray and Judy on

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