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Kilimanjaro: Hahn & Team Reach Barafu High Camp

We are at high camp! 

Barafu -which means ice in Swahili. We got here nice and early, just after 11 AM.  It only took about three hours to gain the two thousand vertical feet from Karanga Camp.  The team came in smiling and all together and excited to finally be here, in place for a summit bid.  The day ended up a little cloudy, with a snowflake or two in the air but that hasn’t bothered us.  Benson treated us to a nice lunch and then we sat down with Naiman -our lead guide- to talk in detail about the summit and how we’ll prepare for it. 

We are resting and organizing this afternoon, getting used to the altitude and catching up on our hydration.  An early dinner is in order -Spaghetti at 5:30- and then we’re going into the tents for a rest.  It will be an Alpine start; we aim to be walking at midnight. 

Wish us a little luck, please. 

Best Regards,

RMI Guide Dave Hahn & Team

Comments (15)

So proud of you Vanessa! Wishing you a beautiful summit adventure.
Love you a whole bunch!

Posted by: Jessica on

Sean and gang- we hope everyone made it to the summit today- We are all proud of you Sean .
Tina and SBLEA Union

Posted by: Tina Oxford on

Great work ALA Killi Team, climb strong and be safe cant wait to see your summit photo!!!

Posted by: Davren on

The day has come!!! Cheering for Allison and the whole team.

Posted by: Bowdoin Girls on

Good luck, Alice, Wendy, Vanessa, Dave and the rest of the team! I am thinking of all of you and wishing you a successful summit bid and hoping you get some shut eye before then! Let’s go ALA Climb for Clean Air team!

Posted by: Amber Little on

Way to go Alice and Wendy and all the ALA climbers! We are thinking of you as you head to the top of Africa! This is your moment!!!

Posted by: Lisa on

Dave D and rest of team…you got this!  Praying for beautiful weather at the top! 
What an amazing journey! 


Posted by: Lori Dietel on

The whole group!!
Cheering you on at every step!!

Posted by: Deb Beechy on

So proud of you! Amazing accomplishment!

Posted by: Andy Feingold on

You can do eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!

Posted by: Wendy Wade on

Allison - Following you on your journey and thinking of you throughout it.  Best wishes and so proud of you.  With Love, Karen Sullivan

Posted by: Karen Sullivan on

I’m so proud of you dad!! We are all thinking of you as you summit. Go Get ‘em!
We all love and miss you!

Love, Dietelbug

Posted by: Emma Stecher on

Thinking about you, Darla!  We hope all is going well, and that you are having an amazing experience!!

Posted by: Lisa Odell on

Good Luck Alison!!!
Go Team Reiner!!!!!

Posted by: Rich Herald on

Miguel, Gerald, Morty, and I wish you all the luck in the world! We hold you in the light and pray for your safety and continued smiles. Thank you so much to Dave and everyone climbing with you.

Posted by: Virginia Vertiz on

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