Rest at Camp 1

Posted by: | September 03, 2009
Categories: *Expedition Dispatches *Elbrus Northside
Elevation: 12,300'

Hello from 12,300’

We slept in this morning and did not get up until the sun hit the tents - the morning’s rays always bringing so much warmth. After breakfast, we dropped back down to our cache, and picked up the last of our remaining gear. We are now completely established at Camp 1!

It was a perfectly clear morning to start but the clouds starting rolling in a little early today and the threat of an afternoon snow storm loomed in distance. Fortunately, the storm never came and the clouds merely played over Elbrus’ peaks, at times spreading downward in wind shaped whisps only to retreat again a few minutes later.

The team spent the rest of the afternoon training on the lower glacier, reviewing our ice axe and cramponing skills. We are headed to dinner to plan out and fuel up for our carry to Camp 2 tomorrrow.



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