Vinson: Bad Weather Brings Rest Day for RMI Team

Posted by: | January 15, 2011
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Elevation: 7,200'

Hi there, it’s Peter, checking in from Vinson Basecamp, today is January 15th. And it’s about 1:20 PM. We woke up this morning, we had a great ski day yesterday, and we’re hopeful [to fly] to one of our objectives an unclimbed, unskied peak.  But the weather moved in and we are in a very cold, icy fog now with zero visibility. And so everybody’s kinda shut down and it looks like it’s gonna be tent time all day and just chilling and taking it easy and resting up a bit. We’ve been on a pretty, oh, not hectic schedule but we’ve been doing everything or a lot of things everyday so it’s kinda nice to have a rest. Forecast is not great for tomorrow, but we’ll see what happens. And we’re hopeful that we can get a twin otter plane out of here. We’ve got a couple great objectives about 10 minutes south on the way back to Union Glacier that we’ll look at from the air and think that they would be prime possibilities for doing some skiing. And we hope we can land right by them. That’s the plan and R&R today, iPods in the tent, and reading and just kinda taking it easy. And hopefully that changes tomorrow and we can we can get going with the rest of our trip. That’s it for now, and we’ll talk soon.

Peter Whittaker gives team's update on the RMI team's rest day

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