Mexico’s Volcanoes: Team Returns from Ixta

Posted by: JJ Justman, Jake Beren | February 15, 2012
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Now our team is safely in Puebla, getting cleaned up and reorganized after a valiant effort on Ixta. 

As we pulled into our high camp yesterday afternoon our fingers were crossed tightly for a break in the weather. By the time we sat up to fire stoves, a ferocious snow storm pelted the tents and kept us at bay. It came down hard for a few hours, then the wind started. Camp remained in a wet windy cloud and still we waited, hoping for a spell in the storm. It never came. After a mostly sleepless night, the sun finally turned our cloud light and we started packing up. The team handled the sub-ideal conditions like true climbers, realistic that safety trumps all and hunkering down in this case was by far the most prudent choice. Now we rest in Puebla and get ready to head to Orizaba for the next climb, just a little hungrier.

RMI Guides Jake Beren & J.J. Justman

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