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Mt. McKinley: Jones & Team Hold on at 14K Camp

Last night dropped over a foot of new snow and the morning dumped close to six more inches. As we hide in the midday heat of the tents, the wind blows 50+mph in gusts. One minute it is calm, the next minute we brace against the walls of the tent as the wind tries to push them flat. After a few rounds of shoveling, we break for a toasted bagel breakfast, then more shoveling, building snow walls and hiding from the gusts. The sky has cleared as we watch enormous plumes blow off the Buttress above us as well as enormous avalanches coming down from the upper slopes. Other climbers and our team our able to enjoy the show, knowing that we are a safe distance from the action. The snow currently continues to patter our tents. We are hopeful that better weather is coming on the horizon.

RMI Guide Tyler Jones

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Comments (23)

From the beautiful island of Zakynthos,and a girl that knows what it means to fulfil a dream. May god watch over you and your team and bring you to the summit safely.On your next trip to Zakynthos CHRIS I want to hear all about this climb. May god be with you.
Love & hugs & kisses xx Janet

Posted by: Janet Mastromauro on

Hi Chris !!!

Hope the weather is cooperating for you and your team.
Take care and keep safe.

Posted by: Debbie Gaudette on

Hope the weather is co-operating !!
Keep safe Chris !!!

Posted by: Debbie Gaudette on

Be patient stay safe and strong take care of each other on this unforgetable adventure Chris. We are all praying for a break on the weather so you can move up .
Tyler Eric and Logan you are doing a good job keeping the team safe and protected from danger. God be with you all, to come home safely and share your experience with us.

Posted by: voula likourgiotis on

Hi Chris,
I can not wait to hear about your trip,
Miss you ..........be safe

Posted by: maureen on

Thank you, Tyler for your updates; great to know the team’s led by such competent and capable guides on this surely transforming experience for you all.
Michael, all my love to you from ZRH, I’m proud of you and miss you!
Wishing you all safe conditions and optimal weather soon; strength and persistance for a successful, final ascent and return!

Posted by: Judith on

Michael….I am sending you warmth from Texas!!  Bundle up, make a snowman, looking forward to the stories of your travels!  Stay safe, Thanks Tyler!

Posted by: Scott on

Michael….Grateful for your safe camp but wishing the weather would give you a break!  If only we had Native American blood running through our veins…then I’d have some kind of weather dance/chant going on around the firepit in the backyard!!  Love and hugs to you. Stay safe Team Jones…you WILL summit!!

Posted by: Cindy on

Rolf and team,

I’m hoping the weekend brings better weather. 

Rolf, don’t eat to many slab apricots during these long days in the tent.


Posted by: Jarrod Buckley on

Rolf! Sending you lots of good wishes and hopes for good weather soon! Enjoy those views and be safe. Thinking of you!

Posted by: Erin Buckley on

Casey and Jones team, press on!  We’re praying for a break in the weather so you can summit soon.

Posted by: Lynne Leake on

Ungle Chris we love you and we are proud for you.  Theodore, Spiro

Posted by: Stella on

Pull warmth from your family, strength from your self and faith from the mountain. Hugs to you! M

Posted by: sHARON on

Nicolas you must be so happy with all this snow coming down! Please be safe. Thanks Tyler, Eric and Logan for taking care of your team.

Posted by: louise on

Larry and Crew:
It sounds like things are really challenging up there.  So good to hear that you are keeping your wits and remaining patient ... staying reasonable and making sure you remain safe is most important.  I am very confident and optimistic that you will have the opportunity to summit soon.  As you all know and appreciate, Mount McKinley has first dibs on determining the schedule.  In the mean time and while your bodies continue to aclimatize,  enjoy those great views(many of us will never see), encourage and take care of each other, and chill.  Good things happen in due time! 
Fred K

Posted by: Fred Klingbeil on

Stay safe and warm guys. Wishing you good weather (so you can get home soon!).

Posted by: Megan Berge on

And I thought the weather in England was bad.
I hope Denali will soon allow you to summit. Keep safe above all else, Chris, we are pround of your courage and stamina. Athena is waiting for a hug from you; take good care. Be well, we all wish you happy onward climbing when the moment arrives. It must be beautiful just being there - gives us all a new perspective on life.

Posted by: Yorgo on

Hope good weather finally comes! You’re almost there!! Be strong, safe and focused for “just tiny adventures”!

Posted by: Luisa on

Hope good weather finally comes! You’re almost there!! Stay strong, safe and focused for “just tiny adventures”!

Posted by: Luisa on

Jeff- Thursday or Friday maybe! Come on weather!!! Good luck, be safe, have fun!

Posted by: JonS on

So glad to hear everyone is doing ok!  Thank you Tyler and the rest of the team for taking care of one another.  Anxiously awaiting your safe return.  Miss you MC!!!!!

Posted by: Christine on

Love and miss you Rolf. Have fun, stay safe. Hope the weather clears tomorrow!

Posted by: Julie Snyder on

Relieved to hear you are all at a safe distance from those avalanches! Praying for you all that the clear sky is a sign of better weather. Love and hugs to you Chris!!

Posted by: Susan on

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