Mexico Volcanoes: The Team’s Outcome on Orizaba

Posted by: JJ Justman | October 27, 2012
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Hey everyone, this is JJ Justman with the Mexico Adventure team. We are happy to report that we are back at basecamp here on Orizaba. The mountain today, Orizaba, said no. It’s always a little bit unfortunate. It’s always a bummer when you don’t summit. But we made it to within about 1,500 feet of the summit.  Actually made it a good way on the glacier but we had rock hard, bulletproof ice. It’s something I’ve never seen here before and pretty rare on all the mountains I’ve been on.  We could hardly even penetrate our crampons. It was that firm. So my gut was telling me the obvious. Orizaba said no to reaching the top.  It’s something I never really share with my team before a summit climb, but I did have to let them know that while we were on Ixta, here on Orizaba, that same day unfortunately, a climber who was non-guided, slipped and fell.  And she did not make it.  So when you hear things like that, and you have the conditions that we had, it’s a pretty easy decision to make.  Even though it’s disappointing not reaching the top, we are back down safe and sound and you know what, we can come back when Orizaba is in better shape, better conditions and give her another shot, but the team is real happy. We made the summit of Ixta, and that definitely still has us smiling and we’re definitely glad to be down here.  So we’re gonna pack up camp and head back down to Dr. Reyes’ and we’ll have a good meal down there and definitely have a celebration.  So thanks for tuning in.  Everyone here says hello and we will hopefully see you on the mountain.  Bye.

RMI Guide JJ Justman

RMI Guide JJ Justman recaps their day on Orizaba.

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