Vinson Massif Expedition:  Almost, not quite

Posted by: Dave Hahn | December 01, 2013
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A whole lot of airplanes got flown around Union Glacier today, but not ours.  At first, the day looked like another storm day with low cloud and poor contrast, but by mid-morning, things began to shape up.  About fifty mountains appeared from the mists and the sun came out to stay.  Word was that clouds were persisting at Vinson Base, however.  So we got out our ropes and toys and began reviewing crevasse rescue strategies.  Meanwhile the planes began flying other folks to and fro around Antarctica.  Camp emptied out as the weather got more and more pleasant.  We trained, we ate, we waited.  It wasn’t until after dinner that conditions at Vinson improved enough for a try with the ski-equipped Twin Otter.  But that plane was designated for others and ours was to be a second lap by the same plane… if time allowed.  But it didn’t allow.  By the time the plane finally went, it was known that the pilots would reach the end of their “duty day” before a second lap.  Ours will have to be tomorrow after breakfast… fresh pilots, fresh weather, fresh hope. 
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So close yet so far away :( The good news is Ohio State beat Michigan (barely) and they are advancing to the National Championship! Yesterday, the Browns lost (no surprise). It would be nice if an avalanche would descend upon Cleveland Browns stadium so hey’d be forced to move the team. In other news, the hot guy from ‘Fast and Furious’ died in a car accident (Paul Walker). I’ll keep you posted on more pop culture updates as your trip progresses. Oh, I had a glass of wine on Thanksgiving! It was glorious :) Stay safe! Dixie

Posted by: Dixie Trunko on 12/2/2013 at 5:18 am

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