Vinson Massif Expedition: Nothing Flying

Posted by: Dave Hahn | November 30, 2013
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We got a chance to enjoy an Antarctic storm today.  It wasn’t one for the record books, no epic, not particularly special.  Just a fair amount of cloud, snow, blowing snow and persistent wind.  In other words, it was a “no fly” day.  It sounded like Vinson Basecamp was reporting similarly bad weather at their end.  At first we thought we might be able to spend the day reviewing climbing techniques, but then the wind picked up and it became an indoors day.  So we passed time in the mess tent, getting to know some of the people who will try to visit Emperor Penguin colonies and speaking to those who will try to either bike, ski or walk to the South Pole.  It was a day for reading and writing and resting.  Perhaps tomorrow we’ll get to fly out to Mount Vinson. 
Best Regards
RMI Guide Dave Hahn

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