10 Reasons To Ski Chile’s Volcanoes

Posted by: Tyler Reid | July 10, 2014
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An accomplished skier and mountaineer, RMI Guide Tyler Reid knows a thing or two about exciting ski mountaineering trips and the Chile’s Volcanoes Ski Mountaineering Expedition stands out as one of his favorites. Tyler sat down to reflect on ten of the best things about skiing the Chilean Volcanoes:

10. The Timing. September is an amazing time to be skiing, and a healthy dose does wonders for your patience level while waiting for the Northern Hemisphere winter.

Volcan Villarica (RMI Collection)

9. Pisco Sours. The perfect cap on any ski day.

Pisco Sours (RMI Collection)

8. Araucarias (Monkey Puzzle Trees). Combined with the volcanic lunar landscapes, these add to the prehistoric nature of the subalpine landscapes, and you get the sensation you might run into dinosaurs at any moment.

Araucarias (RMI Collection)

7. Young Volcanoes. Villarica’s summit crater is a boiling cauldron. Llaima last erupted in…2009!

The steaming summit crater of Villarica

6. 4 Volcanoes in 10 Days. Many expeditions are lucky to climb one mountain in 10 days.

Tyler Reid skiing on Llaima (Katy Reid)

5. The Proximity. The relative spacing of these four mountains could not be more perfect. Less car time, more skiing.

The view of Llaima from Villarica (RMI Collection)

4. Light Backpacks. Most international expeditions involve hauling heavy loads. Not really the case on this trip. Three out of four of these peaks we ski with day packs.

Katy Reid approaching Lonquimay (Tyler Reid)

3. The Corn. There’s something about Southern Hemisphere corn that’s extra buttery (corn snow that is).

Tyler Reid skiing the corn on Llaima (Katy Reid)

2. The Country. Chile is a land of otherworldly landscapes, interesting culture, and incredibly friendly people.

Villarica above Pucon (RMI Collection)

1. Aesthetic Lines. The ski descents themselves are even more impressive than the summits.

Tyler Reid skiing Llaima (Katy Reid)

Find out more about skiing Chile’s Volcanoes this September on RMI’s Chile’s Volcanoes Ski Mountaineering Expedition…



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