Mt. Kilimanjaro: RMI Guide Mark Tucker & Team Start Their Climb

Posted by: | July 24, 2014
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Elevation: 9,800'

Hello from Mt. Kilimanjaro.
It was a great day for our team and a good start to our climb.  We had a smooth departure from the lowlands of Arusha as we left the Dik Dik Hotel and headed to the mountain.  Our local mountain staff and climbing team gathered at the Machame Gate of Kilimanjaro National Park (5,900’) to register our climb and begin our ascent. We started climbing with low clouds above which remained for the majority of the day.  It did not rain but we had our rain gear close just in case.  We arrived at Camp One, Machame Camp,  9,800’ and have finished dinner.  We also had a special celebration for team member Brian’s birthday.  Our staff sang a fine version happy birthday and we all enjoyed a bit of cake.

It is nice to get on the trail, get our feet underneath us and start our mountain adventure.  We are looking forward to more tomorrow.

RMI Guide Mark Tucker

The Machame Gate, entrance to Kilimanjaro National Park.  Photo: RMI Collection First camp on Kilimanjaro, Machame Camp at 9,800 ft. Photo: Jeff Martin

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