Second Day at High Camp

Posted by: | January 18, 2009
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Elevation: 19,200 ft.

Not too many of us got good sleep last night. Waves of wind rolled through, driving snow and rattling nerves. The alarm clocks went off at 4:30 AM but the wind hadn’t let up by that point. It did eventually calm down with daybreak… just a little too late for us to go for Aconcagua’s summit. We all crawled out for breakfast and to dry out and stare at the storm’s leavings. There was still some sign of wind up high, but all-in-all, we enjoyed a calm morning. The decision was made for part of the team to descend and wait things out at Basecamp while the rest of us tried for one more lucky day. All were sorry to see Melissa, Gerry, Rachel and Kelly walk out under big packs a little after mid-day. The clouds were already building by then for the next storm and sure enough, by mid-afternoon it was snowing and we were resting quietly in our tents… waiting patiently for another chance. Dinner was in steadily falling snow, but at least there wasn’t a puff of wind to mess with the team’s enjoyment of their mac-and-cheese-supreme. We’ll hope that the snow quits and that the stars come out at some point tonight… we turn in ready to jump all over a summit bid tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

RMI Climbing Team at High Camp on Aconcagua. Some of the team trying to keep warm at High Camp on Aconcagua.



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