RMI Team Begins Expedition to Orizaba

Posted by: | March 09, 2009
Categories: *Expedition Dispatches *Mexico
Elevation: 10,000 ft.

Hello. This is Billy checking in from Mexico. Our group arrived on Saturday in Mexico City with all their luggage, always a good start to a trip. There was a large festival being held in the Zocalo near our hotel. On Sunday we visited the pyramids at Teotihuacan along with the the President of Mexico. As you can imagine that created a lot of excitement and a lot of military activity. After visiting the pyramids we drove to La Malinche where we spent the night in cabanas at 10,000’ to begin our acclimatization.

Today we are taking an acclimatization hike on La Malinche (14,640’) and are about 40 minutes from the summit. It is a beautiful day with warm temperatures. After our hike we will return to the cabanas for another night at 10,000’ before making our way to Orizaba tomorrow.
We will check in again soon.



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