Acclimatizing at the Ecological Reserve Pasachoa

Posted by: | June 07, 2009
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Elevation: 12,300 ft.

We had a great acclimatization hike today at the Ecological Reserve Pasachoa, an ancient volcano which now hosts a cloud forest ecosystem. We hiked up to 12,300’, and everyone did great. The weather was nice today, and it was great to stretch our legs and work our lungs a little bit. The altitude of this hike will serve us well, as tomorrow we’re off to the climbing refugio at the Ilinizas, where we’ll hopefully gain an altitude of over 15,000’. Then we’re off to a Hacienda on the flanks of our first climbing destination, Cotopaxi.

This evening we enjoyed fine Ecuadorian cuisine on before leaving Quito; adventurous palates even tried the Ecuadorian delicacy of fried guinea pig (cuy) and the locally fermented corn drink called chicha. We’re all enjoying the culture of Ecuador and the conveniences of Quito. But we’re also very anxious to head for the mountains and leave the city behind. Tomorrow we’ll do just that.

We’ll keep you up to date on our adventures.



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