On the Way To the Glacier

Posted by: | June 09, 2009
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Buenos dias from Ecuador.

Yesterday we traveled into Cotopaxi National Park; en route to the climbers’ hut we were lucky enough to see six Andean Condors! They were very close to the road and were defintely an impressive sight, with wingspans of more than 6 feet.

Upon arrival at the end of the road, we shouldered our packs and hike 45 minutes to the climbers’ hut on Cotopaxi. The rest of the day was spent resting, eating, drinking, playing cards, and telling stories ...the time spent here, at nearly 16,000’ will help us get used to the (even)thinner air that awaits above.

This morning we are getting ready to head out to the glacier, in order to stretch our legs and review ice axe and crampon skills. The weather is very nice and we’re looking forward to our summit attempt tonight. We will likely leave the hut around 1:00 am, and hopfully we’ll be on top at 6 ot 7. We’ll be in touch, and I’ll send pictures when we have access to the internet in a couple of days.

Hasta luego



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