Back in Quito, No Cayambe Ascent

Posted by: | June 28, 2009
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Hola from Ecuador. We’re all safely back in Quito, on the last day of our climbing trip. We hoped to climb Cayambe this morning, but the weather took a turn for the worse. All night the wind howled; by the time I woke at 11:00 pm, a cloud had descended upon the climbers’ hut, and everything was covered in ice. I monitored the weather all night and early morning, but it wasn’t improving at all. It was so icy outside that we struggled to stay upright just walking outside to get into our jeeps for the drive back to Quito. We were all excited for the ascent of Cayambe, but such is life in the mountains. We had great weather for Cotopaxi, and we wouldn’t have traded that for anything.

So now we’re all resting and packing, enjoying Quito this afternoon. We’ll be on our way back north to the states shortly. Tonight we’ll have our final dinner together as a team, and celebrate our experiences on the trip.

Thanks for keeping track of our journey!



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