RMI Team Moves to Camp 1

Posted by: | January 16, 2010
Categories: *Expedition Dispatches *Aconcagua
Elevation: 16,400 ft.

This is the Aconcagua team checking in from Camp 1. Last night we got more snow at Basecamp, not too much, but enough to get the camp completely white when we left this morning. The landscape was unique so we didn’t miss the opportunity to take lot of pictures. The group did a great job climbing to C1 today, it took us 4:30hs to get here and everybody is feeling strong. Right now we have started the stoves and will enjoy a nice dinner with vegetarian couscous in a little bit.

Our plan for tomorrow is to carry to our Camp 2 (also known as Campo Lama, because of the remains of a helicopter Lama that crashed there a long time ago).

We hope that everybody there is enjoying the progress of our team, we will keep sending updates!



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