After Delay, Team to Fly Back to South America Tonight

Posted by: | January 24, 2010
Categories: *Expedition Dispatches *Vinson Massif
Elevation: 7,000 ft.

We are starting to talk about dinner reservations in South America. But realistically speaking, those would be for tomorrow night, since there is a good chance we will be flying back to Punta Arenas during prime dining hours tonight.

Yesterday was spent quietly sitting in the “Guide Tent” with the 25 Vinson climbers, chatting, reading, eating and passing time. The weather wasn’t horrible, but neither was it any good for flying, with low cloud and poor contrast prevailing. Today is a different story, which actually defies the forecasts… It is sunny and calm and the ALE folk have “called the flight” Meaning that the Illyusion 76 is being put through its final preparations and it may be off deck and headed our way within the next two hours.

I’ll let you know of our progress.

Boarding the Ilyusion for the first leg of the flight back.



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